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Benton is very spaced out for individuals who love their own space. There are many different living environments from the inner city to the back roads! So many shopping cites and grocery stores to choose from.
Benton is a great close-knit community! It is a wonderful place to grow up! It is growing and developing, but still maintains the small-town atmosphere.
It's small town living that offers easy access to the Revenue Office to handle business like renew your driver's license or pay property taxes......there are no extremely long lines or too long of a wait.The city still has a court house in the downtown area.This is a family friendly town with excellent schools offering great academics.The city is continually growing with the addition of housing in the form of houses and apartments to suit anyone's financial status/income.Also a variety of businesses and stores,including banks and eateries,have sprouted up to meet the demands of the growing populace of Benton........superb living with a small town feel.
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Benton, Arkansas is a great place to raise a family. The public schools, especially the high school, are like private schools for no cost. While the only major activities around town are shopping, the movies, and high school football games, fun is found in the small town atmosphere with events such as Old Fashioned Day, Spook City, and the downtown Christmas parade.
Crime rate is very low! Police are great in the area!
I would choose to live here again once I become a homeowner. The people in the area are great! It is in a very convenient location and here you have very quick access to grocery stores, gas stations, and entertainment!
Basically, it is not bad, but it is also not good. Our family has had our cars broken into several times throughout the years along with several other cars in our neighborhood. It's generally safe though.
I have grown up here for several years and I love it. If I could do it all over again I would absolutely choose my home again.
People who move to this area tend to remain in the general area for generations. The community is accepting of newcomers with a family/pet friendly atmosphere. Everyone in the community is welcome to local events and meetings.
The safety of the area is high. Police officers are present frequently and respond quickly. My only concern is the slow, but noticeable increase in crime. The crimes usually are not heinous, however they are present and include break-ins and robberies.
I would choose to live here again due to the family atmosphere and safe environment. The recent, rapid growth of the community will allow the economy to expand as well.
Very little crime in our area so far.
I love our new neighborhood.
people dont respence each other
every one is very nice
I would definitely choose to live in this area again.
I live in an older home in a relatively quiet neighborhood. There are a lot of families with children as well as older couples. The neighborhood, overall, is well maintained, with a few exceptions. If I had it to do over again, I would not live in this area because of some criminal mischief that has occurred here. This has caused me to have to try and sell my home in a market and neighborhood that is undesirable.
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There is very little crime in this area. Our neighbors always tend to have each others backs, and if anything is askew, we'll let someone know about it. The most action the police have in our area is giving out speeding tickets, pretty much.
Well, quite frankly, you never really know what the weather here is going to be. It's either 80 degrees and sunny or 25 and snowing. It is always- emphasis on always- humid here. However, it's never too cold in the winter or too terribly hot in the summertime. It's alright.
We always go to the same three places to eat. It gets kind of boring eating out at the same places every now and then. Sometimes we will travel 30-45 minutes away to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant that sounds more appealing than the options we have here.
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