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There are a few vacant buildings that have been foreclosed on by banks. Fortunately, gradually these homes have been auctioned off and people are moving into them! I have noticed this is improving. I wish the banks would try to help homeowners stay in their homes more rather than leave the home vacant and the families homeless!
From what I can see,most people around here grew up here, went to school here and stayed here, then raised their children here who also go to the same schools. Some of their kids have gone away to college and either stay away or come back follow the circle. For the most part people are friendly hand helpful, especially in my school community and in my parent's work community too.
Crime has increased in the local area, I think mainly due to the rise in opiate addiction. Addicts are getting more desperate to find the drugs and there are more dealers coming to Maine from other states and making money from them! This is very scary to me and it seems to be getting worse. It seems that the police have had some busts and found some of the big time dealers but still of great concern.
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I enjoy living in this area as there are employment opportunities for young adults and there is lots to do. Living expenses aren't terribly high here. There are lots of walking trails, with more popping up all the time!
The employment in this area is not the best because it is a small town and there really is not a variety of places.
My favorite area to go with friends is Applebees. They have an area of time where you can purchase appetizers and drinks for half price. The food is wonderful and they are open till midnight, making it a great restaurant for my friends and me to go to!
In my area I have to travel at least fifteen minutes to get to a Wal-Mart or grocery store that has all of my needs. My town does not have any mom-and-pop shops but the next town over has many. As much as I like the connivence of the big grocery stores I love spending my money at the mom-and-pop shops because they are closer to my home and the workers are very friendly.
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