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I have lived in Benton City my whole life. I like that it is a small town with a good community that supports each other.
Benton City is a quiet, rural town in southeast Washington. I love how out of the way it is and it's not overly crowded or busy.
Benton city is a great place to live. It is a small little town with local shops and grocery market. There is a strong community that supports fundraisers, events, and school activities.
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I think this place has potential, but the local government doesn't always do things in the interest of the people. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed that haven't and that can be frustrating.
A very small but friendly place. A close community were there is lots of diversity though lacking in things to do.
Relaxing, peaceful town but there is very little to do. There is occasional flooding, fires, and ice storms. The traffic from the highway is high, but there are several nice stores scattered within the town itself.
For me and everyone that lives here, I can easily say that this town is always peaceful. Nothing dramatic happens here, just as very nice place to live. Friendly people who will help those in need. A strong community founded on open-mindedness and mutual care for one another.
Nice enough place, but very small. Not enough public transportation, very little night life -- overall it's community that makes it
I really don't have any idea because I have not had any real incidents with crime.
Weather here is Wonderful Sunny practically all times of the year.
I haven't been in the employment field for awhile but everyone tells me they love their jobs and it is a great place to work.
Here we basically have what everyone else has except for a few unique places that are nice cozy establishments.
Our area is very small business oriented and they serve us well. Very courteous and customer oriented. Most small business owners really care about people and their business.
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