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I really enjoy the family friendly feel of this town. Every business I go to is very welcoming. All the people I know from Benson are so inviting and kind. It truly is a great place to be. I'm glad that I am able to be near this area where everyone is so friendly. The town itself is very nicely kept. The only red flags that I detect is the problem of the school building's slow decline.
Usually if you grew up here, you leave for college and move around for a couple years and then you come back to your hometown. People have a sense of pride in their towns for their teams and their events.
In small towns if you know people and the area you will never get board. You have to know the in's and out's and all the little secrets, then you find some things that you might not have known existed.
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In an older town not all of the main amenities are here like they used to be.The people are still extremely friendly and will help you the best they can.
In rural communities people know most everyone in their area. People are extremely friendly and are willing to talk to you if you are polite and will take the time to talk back.
Rural communities tend to have an older population. They might not be able to get out and take care of their homes as well as a younger population. They do the best for what they are able to do.
Living in a rural community it is common for people to be out walking around and socializing. Not many people that I know of take time to exercise when they can be outside working on their yard or garden or conversing with a neighbor.
I love fishing and there is ample waterways available to fish off shore and in a boat. Good fishing and great fun.

I camp every summer at a near by state park with the local Girl Scout group. It has availability for tenting or to rent cabins. We have done both.

Beaches are usually pretty small but so are the lakes. They usually are not too crowded and there is usually a group of people willing to play volleyball and have a great time.

Its rural Minnesota, there is farm within a 5 minute drive. My grandpa is a farmer so I grew up in a tractor and loved every second of it.
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