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I have lived here for 11 years and love it. Benson is a small town where everyone knows each other. The store owners and other business owners are all very nice and helpful.
The small town of Benson captures the true value of friends and family. It is a country town, so things days move slowly. It has shaped me in a way that allows me appreciate the little things in life instead of always rushing from one moment to another. If I could change anything about my town, I would stop the steady expansion that it is facing so that it does not turn into an ordinary place where people pass by without blinking an eye.
I have always lived in Benson. The community is amazing! There are celebrations and gatherings in the grove for people who live here and people who travel to Benson. Mule Days is a big celebration in Benson. People travel to Benson to celebrate. There are rodeos and parades. I wish there was more to do around Benson.
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Absolutely love benson! Originally from New York and moved here about 3 years ago. Very family friendly and everyone in town makes you feel like you are family and right at home regulars less of where you are from!
Not a place for minorities to thrive
Racist confederate flags flying all around
Not a place for African Americans
I wouldn’t even take the exit to use the restroom or refuel if I needed to
Reminds me of a place stuck in the past in all the wrong ways
Benson is a small town with the small town folks. Everyone knows everyone. The town used to have lots of shops to shop in and then there was a decline. Slowly the downtown shops have built back up and there are nice places to shop. Only drawback with the town is lack of restaurants other than just fast food.
I like how small Benson is and the people are very nice once you get to know them, but I would like to see some more diversity in the schools around and in the town.
Benson is a great place to live. As Raleigh continues to expand in all directions, and the population continues to grow- we are continually seeing new developments in this area. Benson still maintains a certain level of serenity, but the property values are increasing as it slowly becomes more suburban.
I like Benson North Carolina because I have lived here all my life and call it my home, I go to school at West Johnston high and My family and Mom's extended family currently live in Benson. There are not any specific things that I would say to talk bad about Benson, Other than it is kinda run down, that is one thing I would love to see changed is that I would love more business's here in Benson to get more tourist and revenue for the town of Benson.
Benson is a cozy, rural town in Johnston County, North Carolina. A relaxed way of life and a simple community. Benson has great arts programs to entertain locals, supports local business with downtown events and advertising new shops and restaurants. A very supportive and humble setting. Very family-oriented area with community events. Mule Days is a special time of year to celebrate the agricultural history of the area and glimpse back at the history of Benson.
Benson is a small town that is full of kind people. It is built off of local business and everyone knows everyone. It is the perfect town to grow up in as it is safe and calm.
Benson is a small city to live in if you do not like the city but like being sort of close to it. The people there are lovely, there is tons of communities to be a part of and get involved. Community work is well recognized and we try to make the best of it and what we do. It is close to the city, the beach, the fair, and other places.
It doesn't have much. It is right off I-95 with places to eat and get gas. Its biggest thing is Mule Days every September or October.
It is a quiet town. The older generation is more prejudice. The diversity in the age ranges from 60 years of age to the present is awesome. I would diversify the managing of the town.
Benson is a small, friendly town. It is convenient to major cities via highway 40 and 95. I love Benson!
To have more job opportunities. Startup business cost are to expensive and there aren't a lot of options in town. The cost of living to decrease in town.
Benson is a small community in North Carolina. It is the halfway point when travelling from New York to Florida. It is known for it's annual Mule Days festival that is held the 4th week in September.Their is a parade, rodeo and various activities to commemorate the festival. Benson is ideal to raise kids as their is plentiful space for kids to play outside. The stores on the Main Street are closed by 7 p.m. The residents are generally friendly and very little ever happens here that is news worthy.
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You will love benson if you love the country. There are tons of fields and the local walmart is 15 mins away. It is a fast developing area but will always have the back country road feel to it.
Benson is small and loving community. We are a town of people who smile, wave, and greet everyone we go by on a daily basis. We are raised with love and support for our community and all of the local businesses.
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