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Bensenville is a city of about 19k people, although there are things that may happen comparisons to Chicago as in violence and such, that happens everywhere and cannot be controlled. Extending the O'hare expansion the planes fly over about every 10 minutes, and is disruptive but disregarding that the city is well. Parks, and school and public transportation is at good distances. People aren't rude from my perspective, but I have lived there 25 years and haven;t had any issues
This town is not really a dangerous place to live in. There has been no crimes that has happened in my neighborhood.
My family and I would like to move into a different town because the house prices in this town and other towns around this area are really expensive. Although, we are unable to I order for my brother to finish high school.
the neighborhood is very friendly
There isn't a high crime rate
Safety is okay, there is always going to be crime where ever one goes.
I think people will never be contempt with what they have or where they live. So if I had to chose where to live, I'll chose my area again. I see a lot of businesses/restaurants opening in the future.
Police is always around makes me feel safe and secure.
If I had the choice to live here again or live somewhere else, I would be okay with choosing to live here again. Bensenville is an older looking town. But it seems to be catching up to the other towns near us. I know this town will become a better town for our next generations to come. Because there is construction being done at Fenton High School, and the Bensenville Community Library; there are also more restaurants and grocery stores opening up. Bensenville is a nice area; it has really good schools(which I have gone to), there are good grocery stores, nice village events, and there's a very nice library here too. It is sometimes a friendly town but sometimes a grouchy town. But I believe that is definitely how it is in every town. Bensenville could be better. I see it getting better and improving little by little.
great community that supports and contributes to the all being of society
Bensenville is one of the good suburbs that I live in. The homes, though mostly single-family homes with few bedrooms, are well-maintained, and its residents are generally friendly. Even though its population is small, Bensenville has plenty of restaurants, stores and services offering the same quality as Chicago.
Most people in the community recognize one another
Can walk at night without worrying.
Most people one would encounter are friendly
Provide good service, especially to those in need.
Plenty of different varieties of food chains.
Currently, living situation much improved.
Plenty of different types of households.
Consistenly see people outside or in facilities.
The quality of the parks are excellent.
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