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I feel this area is okay. The school systems need to be better. The roads throughout the county are in poor shape. Our neighbors are amazing. There is no growth in the county which effects the value of homes.
There only a few restaurants in town. There's one that's been many things and isn't a clear type anymore, some bars, a hot dog place, and an ice cream place with some small food items. Plus a few other minor places like Subway in the grocery store. No nightlife at all in the local area and few decent food options.
there is no pollution and great quality nature.
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there's really no crime for police to get involved in.
the reaction time for public safety services is ok.
during the winter its bad, during summer its good.
what most people do for a living is mostly farm here.
There isn't many places to eat in this area, mostly pizza shops. there are some fast-food places like subway, taco bell and a ice cream parlor only open during the summer. there's no bars or fancy restaurants, mainly the 3 over priced mom and pop pizza shops. it would be nice to have more of a variety and some bigger restaurants because there is none
In Marengo where I live there is little to nothing here because this is a rural area. there is a few stores, an IGA, dollar general, and a med store. none of these stores deliver in quality or customer service. you can get mostly everything you need in this area, but at a cost. these stores like to jack up the price of food because theres nothing left around. an example of this is $4.50 for a gallon of milk. The customer service is awful because the people at the stores are rude and don't know where certain goods are. we have some mom and pop shops like the local ice-cream shop called corner cones, its a great shop offering good quality and reasonable prices but, its only open during the summer. there are three pizza shops, pizza to go, highland pizza, and rolling dough. They all have outrageous prices. there definitely needs to be more restaurants than pizza shops. all in all you can get mostly everything in this area but it would be nice if there was more of a variety of stores, less mom and pop shops, and more places to eat at besides pizza shops.
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