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Bennington is quaint little town nestled in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont. Relishing in its rustic ambience, the local arts scene, Bennington College community, and myriad of writers clubs is enough to satisfy even the most pretentious self-styled bohemian hipster.
I live in Bennington. It is a very small country town. ..It is a good place to raise a family. Good if you are into winter sports, as their is an vast amount of ski and snowboarding, etc.. in this state. Schools are good. There has been much influx of people, I would assume to get out of city life and the problems there in.. I find Bennington to be a pretty good town.
Crime has grown immensely in Bennington over the fast few years. Drug involvement is the major source of the crime. The police need to be more strict on drug dealers and stop all the robberies.
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Living in Bennington can be difficult because there is not much to do for young people. The area is rural and most activities cost money. If I could live my life over I would not choose to live here, although I have met many amazing people. Elsewhere in the country provides more things for young people to do, to stay out of trouble and meet new people.
There is little crime and I fell comfortable leaving my doors and cars unlocked
There is a lot of history in the area, and friendly people. There are three different colleges in the area, so it brings in a lot of diversity to the area too. The job market is hard to get into but when you find a job it is easy to keep. I would chose to live here again because it is less than an hour away form shopping and bigger cities
Drugs come from lower states, people have low morale. However, there are bad people everywhere you go. The town is beautiful, but no one wants to invest any time or money where it needs to go to help it be the best it can.
The local businesses here are fantastic! It's just really too bad that we never have many tourists, so business is declining.
It isn't awful. Housing options are beautiful, but can be a bit pricey.
It's Vermont. The Winters are beautiful, but crappy. Summer is hot and humid. It is what it is. Sometimes we live with it and sometimes we learn to enjoy it.
You have to be willing to look for a job. A lot of people don't want to do that. There are jobs if you really want one.
I love this community. The people are friendly and the town events are my favorites! I love hiking and going to scenic overlooks. Fourth of July at the park is amazing. This town holds so many of my most treasured memories and traditions. However, if I could change anything it would be the influx of drugs in our community and the bypass' negative affect on our businesses. It is obvious that many people in this town participate in drug use and I wish that there was something I could do to rid that. Also, many business in our town have had to close due to the lack of business.
There are a lot of drugs in this area.
The hospital is the biggest employer in the area.
We rarely have a natural disaster. We did experience Hurricane Irene a few years ago, which was an exception to the rule. Our weather is usually great!
There are not many popular stores and there is not a great variety of stores in general. You could get what you need in this area if you search hard enough but you often have to travel to the closest mal, which is an hour away.
There are many employment opportunities for teenagers but parents may have a hard time finding a job that has the salary they deserve. Top employers in the area would be Mack Molding, NSK and Energizer. Many of the companies in our area are closing down and moving so the job outlook is not great.
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