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I enjoy my town being close with other citizens in the community. We have parades, festivals, and special needs parties that I enjoy volunteering in. We have a lot of history here so every time I go on a tour, it allows me to see my home town from a different perspective. One thing that I would like to see change, is the education. Many residents in my community have not went to college, so it isn't easy for people to get jobs. Job opportunities never come here because the people are not capable of working them. This turns our society to a "poor" community. I know our people are capable of doing great tings, but we don't have the resources to do so. This results in our students going to college, depending on scholarships.
I'm new to this site so as of right now there is nothing i would like to change but so far i like it.
The address provided for this area is my home address lived in since I was very young. The atmosphere is relatively quiet in terms of violence and is very low in crime rates. Compared to other areas that I have been to, (which are limited compared to what the country has to offer) this area in particular is peaceful and is not a place that I would worry about as far as anyone getting seriously hurt due to an enemy--if there are any--being close by; the neighbors are pretty much content with each other. To me, the future of this area will remain as such--peaceful, yet full of people who care about each other.
We have no opportunities to get jobs
Shootings occur frequently, robbery, as well.
The local businesses are average.
There are a few factorial companies that offer jobs. There are a few jobs offered in restaurants, local businesses, and family businesses. Moreover, there are job opportunities in the health care facilities.
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