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I am biased; Bennett was my hometown, and I will always have a soft spot for it in my heart. Bennett is a stereotypical small farming town: everyone is related in some way to each other, it constantly smells of hay or livestock, and it bores you to tears after half an hour. That said, it's a great place to raise children and, for like minded city folks, it is SLOWLY expanding.
Its Alright, its a small town where everyone knows each other. People participate in everything but are rude alot of the times
The weather here is temperamental. It is very windy. It is very dry.
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We have a Kings Supers, three gas stations, a few restauruants, a hardware store, and a rec center.
We have a few diverse people, but not many. Bennett is a very welcoming town though.
The main way people exercise here is by having a job on a farm or by occasionally going to the rec center. The closest doctors office is in the neighboring town.
Bennett does not have a problem with crime. It's a quiet town.
Bennett has a fire department that is made up of volunteers. We don't have our own police department. Crime is not a problem.
We do not get tourists. Nobody comes to Bennett for a vacation. People leave Bennett for a vacation. Bennett has Bennett Days every year and there is a parade and vendors.
There are very few businesses here. They pay the bills, but nothing more. There are one or two jobs that pay well, but most people work in town for better pay. Most of the people are farmers.
There are two community parks. They have very old equipment that has been around for a while and has not been kept very well. There's some trash around the town, but we do have clean up days where the communtiy comes together to help pick up trash for a day.
When people move to Bennett they usually stay for life. There are many families who have been here for years, a few have been here for a generation or two. The people are always helpful and willing to go out of their way to help each other. Bennett has been adding community activities over the years.
The housing in Bennett is not too bad. There are four housing developments. Each are small and have decent houses. The prices depend on the developments location. The best development is Centennial because the piricing is reasonable, he property is decent, and it has better houses.
Bennett has one fast food restaurant and three sit down restaurants. The local sit downs have some pretty good food with only a short wait.
There is not always something to do in Bennett because it is a small farming town that does not have any shopping centers or major entertainment facilities, but people tend to find some way to entertain themselves. Bennett is only 45 minutes away from the city so people generally go into town to find something to do. The people of Bennett are nice, friendly people who are willing and able to help anyone in need. Bennett has a decent school that is small, but everyone is very nice. I ways born and raised in Bennett and i have seen it grow into a decent town.
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