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While I have a lot of respect for the police in my neighborhood, it sometimes feels like they focus on the wrong thing, or they always seem to miss the stupid small illegal things my husband and I witness everyday. Even though they are small issues, they can still do a lot of damage or cause a more serious problem. Crime overall has gotten worse since I was a child. There are a lot more drug problems in the area then there ever were, but still not as bad as a city area.
As much as I love Valley View, I'd like to live somewhere that's a little more central to all the things my husband and I do, like school, work and friends. It's safer than a lot of other places, and I love that it's not a big city. Where I live now, you can see the stars really clearly and there's always animals around (which can be a good and bad thing).
There are a few great companies in the area that I know people love to work at, but if you don't work there then you most likely just work in a restaurant.
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There are little to no crimes in the area. I think it may be due to the fact of how small of a town we are.
There are never any places that are vacant for very long in this area because rent prices are usually extremely low and people like how close to State College it is.
There is a wide variety of different Italian restaurants to choose from. Not many other types of restaurants are in Bellefonte. You have to travel to State College to get a wider variety.
This current winter has been the worst. We are in the middle of everything so we get hit pretty hard when a storm rolls through. Every other season is pretty moderate.
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