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It is a smallish town, with a lot of historic buildings and areas. Benicia was once the capital of California. Beautiful 1st street has quaint antique shops as well as book stores and jewlery shops, and cafes. Easy access to th water front areas and a boat launch. Great view of the Carquinez bridge and Crockett is right across the water. Great place for families, lots of parks with play structures.
I am from Benicia, CA born and raised! I overall enjoyed my experience as a Benicia resident because the public school district provided a great learning experience, the police force made the community safe, and there were many programs geared towards youth and family. The downtown scene was very enjoyable and provided entertainment to all age groups. The only thing the town lacked was true diversity and that was something I wish I could have experienced during my upbringing there. Overall, Benicia is a great town and I will always hold this home near and dear to my heart. I encourage anyone to visit because it is beautiful, on the water, and has a lot to offer for families.
I have lived in Benicia my whole life. I love it out here. It's a really cozy little town where everyone basically knows each other. One thing I would like to change in Benicia, however, is the costs of houses. (They're expensive!)
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My experience growing up in Benicia CA was memorable. It is a very small town that is located right off of the bay. It is family friendly, and has exponentially grown over the years. There are a few different school options available throughout the town that cater to both religious and private accommodations. Overall this town is perfect to raise a family in.
Benicia is a charismatic little town with a lot to offer. Downtown is a popular spot to be, whether you're window shopping or dining, it at the pier enjoying the view. The school district is highly rated and youth activities are vast in options.
Benicia is a great place small Little area inside of the day area where you can everywhere. Grow up here my whole life it's a great place
This is one of the best suburbs of San Francisco to raise a family. It's a small town that borders the Carquinez Straight. Benicia has a great school system. There are several elementary schools, but I highly recommend Joe Henderson Elementary School. I attended this school and, as an adult, I still have fond memories. The middle and high school are also incredible. The town has a tight knit, family-like vibe. Downtown Benicia is beautiful. It has great restaurants, bars, and antique shops. It is located right next to the water, so it has beautiful views spanning from the Carquinez Bridge to the Benicia Bridge. There is also a lot of history within Benicia. Benicia was California's first state capital. The state capital building remains on First Street and is a great museum to visit. Benicia is also home to the camel barns, which hold a great deal of history, as well.
It's very quiet, everyone minds their own business but still looks out safety wise. Good places to eat and relaxing!
Benicia is a great place, small quiet little town or city some would like to call it. lot of older people and deep family roots. perfect place to start a family. although growing up in Benicia is not so great. being a youth in benicia can be frustrating. not much to do you would have to get a ride to the next town is you wanted to visit a major retell store or go bowling.
for elementary school youth and people that love nature benicia is great lots of parks to play and hiking trails to explore. all in all you cant beat benicia
It is a small, safe, and lovely community. It is a great place to raise a family and their schools are great.
The people here in Benicia are awesome. The fact that is a relatively small town the residents are easy to talk to. The scenery is remarkable not to mention the weather which is always perfect for me. I would like to see more community activity such as social events with music, food and entertainment.
BPD is always seen and attentive to the city and the public. Somewhat concerned with the vehicle break-ins. Wonderful neighborhoods to help keep you informed
Peaceful atmosphere for adults and families.Slowly working towards owning or renting a home in the said area. Compared to other areas,... Benicia is like a small, pure diamond, or a a golden nugget in the middle of San Francisco and Sacramento CA. I see career minded people and continued success with education and schools! Also it will be a town of Arts and Artists. Thank you
Beautiful homes in small town feel community.
Friendly community, very pet friendly.
Very involved police presence, very safe.
Great weather, atmosphere and people.
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Police are active and engaged. Most crime is minor vandalism.
Very safe. Very welcoming. Excellent schools. Increasingly diverse and gorgeous water views.
Crime is getting worse in town. Police are always present but stuff still happens. Seem to be a lot of drug busts lately and breaking into cars and homes
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