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Bend is a great mountain town. I want to give it 4.5 stars. It is safe, it is a healthy community, and has all the outdoor recreation available. I wish there was affordable housing, but for the most part, Bend is a fun and friendly town.
I have lived in bend all my life and I absolutely love it. Everybody is soooooo nice and caring here. The view is amazing as well. For anyone on the edge I would definitely recommend moving here.
I loved living in Bend! SO many different places to eat, drink and hike. Being in the beer capitol of Oregon is pretty awesome too!
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I've lived in Bend since 2002, raised my son alone without the help of friends or family. His education in Bend, OR ;for him; started in 2nd grade. He graduated high School in Bend, OR. I felt completely comfortable raising him by solely by myself and in the neighborhoods we lived in. This is a very family and community friendly town along with being a bicycle friendly town and dog friend town. Most businesses have bike racks as well as a bowl of water for your dog to help himself to while your pet is out and a out with you. If I remember correctly there are more the dogs then there are dog owners. I love Bend. This town definately gets all four seasons. Which makes Bend, OR an exciting, fun, adventurous place for an outdoor person to live.
Bend Oregon is such an amazing place grow up and create a family. I love the fresh air, the safety, and the ability to find numerous hikes and forests within minutes of where I live. If bend could be described in one word it would be Nature. Something I would like to see change is the lack of diversity.
Lived here 20 years, love it. It's been turning into a tourist/college town. Many outdoor activities to do. Snowboarding, skiing, snowmobile etc. mountain biking nearby, hundred of different hikes and mountains to backpack. Great place to raise a family and also study!
Bend is a gorgeous town located in the high desert of Oregon. This means you are surrounded by wild life, towering trees, crisp clean air, and sunny skies. Of course, it looks like this for only half the year. During the winter, Bend is a winter wonderland. The nearest ski resort is at Mt. Bachelor, only a mere thirty minutes outside of town. This is a town where everyone is active throughout the year. People are either skiing/snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor or hiking and kayaking along the scenic Deschutes River. The residents are not your usual residents. They are the kindest and most friendly people you will ever meet. It is not unusual to strike up a conversation with a stranger while out on a run, shopping, or walking around the downtown. Bend is a town everyone should experience!
Bend is a great town but is growing too fast and too much for its design. This is causing housing to be completely unaffordable and cost of living to sky rocket. It is great for outdoorsy people.
Growing up a Bend Oregon resident I have witnessed a transformation from a small town with a population of 25,000, to nearly 92,000 present day. I believe this is due to the healthy lifestyle and the abundance of out-door recreation activities available all year round, along with the cultural diversity surrounding art and music. There is no doubt that the reason people continue to move to Bend is because they have discovered all the qualities this hidden gem of a town has to offer.
Bend is an excellent place to visit. During the summer we have access to water for SUP, kayaking and floating, mountain biking and hiking galore. During the winter, we're just 45 minutes from Mt Bachelor Ski Area.
Home prices and rent are staggeringly high versus median wage, however schools are mostly excellent.
I was born and raised in Bend, OR. Bend is an outdoorsy town with unlimited activities available each and every day. Just a thirty minute drive away are multiple lakes, rivers, hikes and bike trails.
Bend is a great town full of active people with loads of fun activities always going on. I would like to see the cost of living decrease so that locals can keep affording to live here. Bend has endless nature to explore!
Bend is an amazing and beautiful city with breathtaking mountain views. Bend has miles of hiking and biking trails and a beautiful river for kayak enthusiasts and paddle boarders. The quaint and historic downtown offers lovely boutiques and 4 star restaurants.
Excellent Place to live, great schools, great shopping, country life in a small city setting. Bend is active, yummy and amazing
Always fun activities to be involved in, endless outdoor activities and lots of community involvement.
I love the great outdoors that is right outside your door! Beautiful landscapes are 10 minutes away, and the most gorgeous waterfalls an easy hike less than an hour away!
I dislike the exceptionally high cost of living. I can only imagine how hard it would be to afford everything if I wasn't married. Add on the low rate of pay compared to other states I've lived in and you don't get a very pretty picture.
I do, however, think that the beautyof the land and kindness of the people goes a long way to smoothing out any potential hardships one might find themselves in.
I moved up here from southern California 4 years ago, and wouldn't trade it for the world. People are nice up here. They say hi, while you are walking into stores and down the street. I love it here.
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Bend is an amazing place. From the scenery, to the food and drinks, to the wonderful people here, this is a one of a kind town. You can have class or work in the morning and then be out on the bike or ski trails for the afternoon. Couldn't ask for a better mix of professional and outdoorsy people.
I love the outdoors and the commutable roads for cycling. The beer is great and I even finished my undergrad here at OSU-Cascades. I love this place because of the natural beauty and the friendlyness of the people. I also love coffee. The coffee scene in Bend is not only growing but has become a staple of identity for our town. I came to Bend in 1998 and have seen this place grow immensely since.
Beautiful place very close to the outdoors. The roads and highways are not built with the traffic load that we get in mind though.
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