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Bend is full of tourism, it is great for outdoor activities. Many people think of Bend as a kind of hidden paradise. People fly in just to ride Mt. Bachelor and to have one of the world famous beers that are offered.
I would like to see the city resolve the homeless issues and high rental move in fees and amount of rent. Bend has a housing shortage therefore people who are on a fixed income or a minimum wage job are unable to afford rent. Therefore Bend had people living on the streets in cars,vans, and ect abandoning vehicles, leave large amounts of trash and urinating in public. I have live here all of my life and Bend use to be a friendly social place and now its not.
Love the outdoors year around? This is the place for you! Enjoy year-round outdoor recreation right outside your front door! Central Oregon is amazing!
Bend is a beautiful city with lots of outdoor activities. It is a great place to live if you are raising a family or enjoy hiking, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, boating, or camping, but the night life is nearly nonexistent and the town is very isolated. Personally loved growing up there but wouldn't recommend the town to young adults looking for a change. Not too many work places, many people work online. I plan on going back when I m old, but for now, I am good with just visiting to get a taste of the mountains again.
Growing up in Bend taught me that adventure is always waiting if you really want it and that childhood can be exciting without being dangerous. It's a place where nature is available by the acre or in the little nooks and crannies throughout town. It's a place with kind people and pretty snow. Bend will fill your belly with good food and good beer and your ears with rich music and you heart with the spirit of the West.

On the real, though, the real estate market is minuscule and the public transportation is yet to actually exist.
Spectacular mountain town! If you are into outdoor athletics, good coffee and great beer- Bend is the place for you.
I have lived in Bend for my entire life, and it will be hard to leave for college this year. Bend is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, with mountains and lakes less than an hour away, and a river and multiple parks practically in my backyard.
Bend is a great town to live in! It is full of both indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages. They have an outstanding parks and recreation program as well as many facilities including a pool and skating pavilion that allow anyone to enjoy the athleticism of the town. Bend is a very safe and environmentally conscious place to live, definitely someplace you won't find anywhere else! Although it is not extremely diverse, it emanates a culture and authentic experience you can't find anywhere else.
Bend is a great town East of the Cascades with 320 days of sunshine a year! The town is 20 minutes from Mt. Bachelor with great skiing and other winter sports. Summer brings warm days with kayaking and paddleboarding on the Deschutes River that runs through town. A lively music scene and burgeoning artist scene round out the experience.
Bend is great! There is so many outdoor things to do as well as indoor activity. The brewery's and beer here are great! There is great food, great atmosphere, and great people!
After living in Bend, Oregon for my whole life, I can full-heartedly say that this small-city is the perfect place to grow up. Outdoor activities like hiking to waterfalls, paddle boarding across lakes and rivers, running on popular trails are great for socializing with others and staying activities.
Bend is changing. If you come visit, please be polite, remember, some of us live here.
Bend is full of wonderful things to do and see. We have exceptional recreational opportunities from skiing, snowboarding, rafting, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, brewery tours, distillery tours, top notch dining, paddle boarding, disc golf and just about any other activity you can think of. Did I mention dogs, we love dogs. Bend has almost as many dog parks as it does people parks.
The Deschutes River runs through the middle of town and we have breath taking view of the Cascade Mountain Range to the west of us. But if mountains aren't your thing, then just go 20 minutes east and you will be surrounded by 1000 year old Juniper trees in the Badlands.
Along with your friendly disposition, bring your wallet; Bend isn't cheap.
Healthy, outdoor, active lifestyle. Great beer! Friendly people and great shopping. Ski, bike, shop, run, ice skate, snowshoe, drink coffee... best place ever. And wonderful used bookstores for the literary minded.
I have lived in Bend since August, 2016. Bend has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and college-aged people. I have come to ignore the west side of town as much as possible due to high traffic during tourist season. But, everything you'd need is available on the east side of town so it's no big deal.
I have a daughter and have been very happy with the quality of the public schools in the area. The healthcare system seems to be good. I haven't been to a healthcare professional myself but my daughter has and I have been pleased with the friendliness, knowledge, and limited wait times.
The major negative thing about Bend is the housing, I was disappointed with the lack of affordable housing compared to other parts of Oregon. Also, the availability of affordable housing, it took me three months to find somewhere to live. Thank goodness I have an aunt that lives about 40 minutes away that we were able to stay with temporarily.
I live in bend Oregon I love it here there is so much to do specially if you are an out doors person
A beautiful place to live, amazing views but its poverty with a view. Those who live there are either very well are off, in retirement, or they are struggling to makes ends meat.
The area around Bend and Redmo nd is mostly farmers. The majority of which does not share the same values as people living in Bend or Redmond, especially those who moved there in the past decade, or so.

The airport is one of my favorites. It takes two or three minutes from entering the airport to go to the gate. The airport is right in the city of Redmond.

Expensive in Bend is housing, especially in areas like the old mill district, and going out, if you are into restaurants, bars, and the like. Cost of living is otherwise average ranging from Costco to Wholefoods.

Kayking can be difficult in the immediate area. Being in the high desert it is not like the are plenty of rivers in a bikable distance. There is the Deschutes that is in Bend, Tumalo Creek a bit outside and Crooked River that goes through Smith Rock and doesn't have a lot of water in the summer.
Bend is a pretty good place and seems to always get bigger, it's got it all without the city city lifestyle. It's comfortable lots of amenities. If I could change something it would probably be the drugs or homelessness.
Bend is a great place to raise kids. Very healthy community, especially if you like the outdoors - hiking, skiing, biking, rafting, etc.
I have been living in Bend for about one year. I love how dog and family friendly the town is. There is a ton to do outdoors. Living is very unaffordable, and the town is becoming over populated.
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