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I love the great outdoors that is right outside your door! Beautiful landscapes are 10 minutes away, and the most gorgeous waterfalls an easy hike less than an hour away!
I dislike the exceptionally high cost of living. I can only imagine how hard it would be to afford everything if I wasn't married. Add on the low rate of pay compared to other states I've lived in and you don't get a very pretty picture.
I do, however, think that the beautyof the land and kindness of the people goes a long way to smoothing out any potential hardships one might find themselves in.
I moved up here from southern California 4 years ago, and wouldn't trade it for the world. People are nice up here. They say hi, while you are walking into stores and down the street. I love it here.
Bend is an amazing place. From the scenery, to the food and drinks, to the wonderful people here, this is a one of a kind town. You can have class or work in the morning and then be out on the bike or ski trails for the afternoon. Couldn't ask for a better mix of professional and outdoorsy people.
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I love the outdoors and the commutable roads for cycling. The beer is great and I even finished my undergrad here at OSU-Cascades. I love this place because of the natural beauty and the friendlyness of the people. I also love coffee. The coffee scene in Bend is not only growing but has become a staple of identity for our town. I came to Bend in 1998 and have seen this place grow immensely since.
Beautiful place very close to the outdoors. The roads and highways are not built with the traffic load that we get in mind though.
Bend has a beautiful scenery, and so many trails to walk and hike! You don't have a choice but to love nature.
Bend Oregon is a beautiful and vibrant city, with numerous activities in the great outdoors. Its located right in the middle of the state, and is known for its sunny, but sometimes snowy. Less then 30 minutes from a top notch ski resort and 45 minutes from world class climbing, it has everything from water sports, to hiking some of the highest peaks in Oregon. You can find a wide range of food options, and you sure won't go thirsty or hungry during your stay here. You may go broke though, because of all the fun-activities and lack of employment, Bend can be expensive and hard to find housing for the middle-working class. Waking up to walks by the Deschutes river, and viewing white cap mountains makes it can ideal place for anyone to live. the mountains and river make up for the high cost of living and playing. Wonderful place to live, but it lacking in community feel and involvement.
Really great place to live! Super close waterfalls, hikes, trails, mountains, etc. Awesome! There are many restaurants, museums, historical landmarks and great places to shop. We are called Beer Town and Dog Town for a reason!
Bend, Oregon is a wonderful place. It is located in the central high desert of beautiful Oregon. Bend has a breathtaking view of the Cascade Mountain range, with numerous lakes and rivers. People come here to ski in the winter, and do water sport in the summer. If you like hiking, biking, running and rock climbing, this is the place for you.
Bend is a fantastic place to visit and live, although it is a tough market for living. There are a lot of activities to do, no matter what season it is. Bend is great if you are a fan of beer, as it is the most breweries per capita in the US
Bend is the perfect place to start a life. Whether you are just graduating college with a first job, or starting your first years of college as a young adult. Everyone in the community has a warm heart, encouraging each individual to succeed and improve their way of life. The schools are well taught, neighborhoods well groomed, the lifestyle is casual with an array of outdoor activities for every age.
Bend and the surrounding areas are absolutely beautiful. Highly dependent on tourism, there are many activities and events everyday. Bend loves beer, bikes, and dogs.
Bend is a great city. The roads have some issues, and the contractors they have doing projects are the slowest I have ever seen.
Bend started as a small town but has boomed over the years. The town has growing pains like the streets and the housing market is difficult.
Bend is a beautiful place! For an outdoor enthusiast, there is skiing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, climbing, biking and just about any outdoor sport you could want. There is shopping, Sunriver Resort, tons of breweries, some nightlife, and a great downtown area for day and night. It's big enough (city limits 90k) to have amenities (great restaurants), but small enough to not overwhelm. Truly something for everyone. Be sure to check out the Old Mill, with shopping, restaurants, and a beautiful trail loop for walkers, runners.
Bend is a beautiful outdoorsy city. There are gorgeous hikes all around, mountains to climb/ski/hike, waterfalls which are easily accessible, and genuine people at every restaurant/bar/club.
I have lived here for a while now and its a tourist kinda town. There are lots of mountains and rivers, other fun things to do.
Very friendly atmosphere, close proximity to lots of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rafting, rock climbing, etc.
The traffic does not move effectively in town though, it would be nicer if everything flowed smoother.
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Living in Bend is amazing if you love the outdoors. During spring, summer, and fall there are a lot of different activities available, usually within about 30 minutes of town - hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, etc. During the winter there are a ton of winter sports available, as well as a large resort within 45 minutes of town.

The town is filled with trees and rolling foothills (we are near the Cascades!) and almost everybody I have met is really friendly. There isn't much diversity here, which makes the food scene not as great as other towns - it is ridiculously good if you like Americana/pub fare. There are a couple decent Mexican restaurants and a really good pho place as well, but the sushi scene is lacking.

As far as the nightlife scene goes, pubs downtown usually have some good live music and there are a few clubs that a lot of younger people go to.
Bend is a wonderful town in central Oregon. If you enjoy the outdoors there is something to keep you busy year round! Bend does experience some temperature extremes but it is honestly not that bad.
I like that most of the people in this town are willing to help each other out. I dislike that the town has grown so much in the past five years. There are quite a few niches in this town, it's not only a beer and dog town; antiques, rock hounding, gaming and lots of pocket parks.
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