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I have lived in Benbrook ll of my life. I have always liked the smaller town feel of it, while still being right next to Fort Worth. The community garden and the library are great opportunities and part of what makes the town so amazing.
Benbrook Texas is a great community to live in. Benbrook rests outside the main city (ft. Worth), so the air is clean. Benbrook has it's own water too. The people are friendly, the schools are great and are the first green schools in the state. There are also plenty of food options and Benbrook sits just Two miles from major shopping and activities. A family friendly place to live, I enjoy Benbrook very much.
I have lived in Benbrook for 2 years and I have met some of my closest friends from just being neighbors. There are friendly people, there is a low crime rate. We love it here.
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Well so far, Benbrook has been a very homely place. I feel safe here, my children love the schools and my grandfather just loves the neighborhood. We love the parks, the stores and the people.
One night, my husband and I forgot to shut the garage door. Around 10:00pm, a police officer came to the door asking if we knew the garage was still open. It made me feel good to know they were out patrolling the neighborhood.
Benbrook is a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. It has good schools and a low crime rate. It bridges the country and the city -- go north and you're in Fort Worth, go south and you're surrounded by ranches. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of people who have discovered Benbrook and the population is growing rapidly. Thus, there is a lot of construction on the roads and in new housing. Benbrook is not the quiet town it used to be, but I still call it home.
Nice community even though right on the fringe of the large Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Has its own elementary, middle, and high school. All together a great family friendly community.
I've lived in Benbrook basically my entire life, and have loved every minute of it. It's a very quiet little suburb and most everyone knows everyone.
I love Benbrook! It is a small town next to Fort Worth, Texas (where I live) that is very safe and full of friendly and attentive people. I love going to the Benbrook library, as well as the Benbrook lake when I am in town. I have a lot of fun with my family and feel at home when I am there. I would definitely consider moving to this town, in order to live a more quiet and peaceful life than the one I have here in Fort Worth. Overall, my experience in Benbrook has been great and I would recommend people to not only visit, but to move here as well, if they desire simple, stress-free, country-style living.
Benbrook, TX is a very nice and affordable area to live in. The only downside is the amount of time it takes to get to the city.
It is a pretty safe place to live and crime is low
It is an overall pretty calm place
Right across the street were not so nice and safe apartments, but they recently got bought up and is doing a nice job on making them look better and because there weren't really good, cops are always around to make sure everything is good and safe. For the 2 years I've been here I have had no problems with crime and I feel really safe.
we are currently right behind a creek where there is a trail many people walk, run, and bike on. Right behind that the vity is building a whole new shopping center with new apartments, so with the new things going in, the price of my housing complex is going up. for me that is great because we bought it for really cheap, and it continually going up as well.
The safety here is good.
I enjoy Fort Worth. There is so much to do here. The only thing I dont like is the heat.
very safe community with a large police presence.
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Great community with many good people. Economy is good in this area and there is lots of new development
Since Benbrook is so small, it's easy for the police officers and medical services to arrive quickly once called. When driving, there's always a cop working 5 miles of the next one, keeping Benbrook secure and safe on the roads as well.
Benbrook always feels like home because of its small tight community. There are always new businesses and restaurants opening up to help your travel to a grocery store or food. Everybody knows everybody, and you can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know. It's perfectly located on the outside of Fort Worth so there's only a small commute to the nearest city for events and entertainment.
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