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I like snow because i come from Africa and i never seen it is a good experience.I also love the location of our school given that it is next to the lake
It's a nice sized town that it easy to commute around. It's been growing and offering more businesses to choose from. The mall needs an update to compete with the growing size of the town.
Bemidji is a beautiful city with a lot of character and personality. The city itself is very small, but has a lot compacted into one area filled with many resources. The College is located right on the water which gives students the opportunity go be on the lake all year round.
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I came to Bemidji to attend school 4 years ago, and my experience has been very back and forth. I have made so many incredible memories here, but some not so good ones and that is because of the atmosphere this town has. It isn't very welcoming and it has a small town state of mind. The people are not friendly and for someone who is from a small town, this isn't how it usually is.
To be honest I don't really enjoy living in Bemidji. The crime rate here is very high and the town is small even though it's one of the larger ones on the way to the Twin cities. I don't think there are very many opportunities for teenagers and people in their early twenties to have fun although that is subjective. There are lots of opportunities to be physically active which I love though even in the winter and there are also lots of opportunities to volunteer in the community and stay involved. I think Bemidji needs more of a nightlife setting and more tourist attractions.
Bemidji is an amazing place to live. There is a lot to do, but it still has the feel of a small town.
Haven't had any problems. Feel safe.
Bemidji is a wonderful community to get to know new people and to raise a family someday.
Bemidji has proven itself to be a reasonably safe city, aside from the occasional mishaps I would rate the safety of Bemidji as satisfactory.
Bemidji offers a great small town feel, perfect for raising a family.
The police are great here, every where you go you either see Bemidji police or if you are on campus you see the public safety officers. We have these blue light things that you can call the police or public safety if you are feeling in danger and they come to your aid.
I would live here because all the businesses are really friendly and the overall community makes it seem like you are accepted and welcomed. The University isn't very far away and there is all of downtown that the college kids can go and eat at New china or check clothing stores. It is a beautiful lake and campus and community.
The lake is beautiful and there is a ski area to enjoy in the Winter. The winters get very cold, but the summers are beautiful.
Its Minnesota, the weather is always iffy
I love my job and I know there are plenty of employment opportunities.
I used to visit here when I was younger and decided to come to college here
Lately there has been lots of crime but the police are very involved when it comes to safety
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They all make sense for the laws. The reaction time if usually good
It is Central and Northern Minnesota...what do you expect for weather!
If working on campus that is great otherwise I haven't worked off campus yet
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