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Belzoni is a great town. We have some ups and downs in our town but what town doesn't have them. We have some minor things that needs to be fixed but overall it's a great town.
There are two beautiful restaurants here that have short orders and menu items!!!
We have several local businesses that are doing well. Their is always room for improvement
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The employment is very scarce in this area. We have leaders that do not do much to cause others to want to come here and start their businesses.
the weather here is goes from extremely hot to cloudy and rain. when it rain and cloudy i'll just stay home and stay in bed.
the housing here is okay most of the houses are for buying not renting. we have apartments but people that over them plays picks and chooser so for people who really looking for somewhere to live dont have a chance
the empolyment in my area is very scarce . there isnt any jobs around to find job you need to go out of state and hopefully find something
as far as crime in my area there is none that i know of until probably the next day and i feel pretty safe
in belzoni there are serveral stores such as supervalue grocery store, family dollar, freds dollar store, stores own by Arabs etc. which these stores you can probably find everything you want if one store wont have it another store might have it
if i had the choice i would move to another area . There s nothing much to do on the weekends. if you want to go out for some enjoyment you will have to go another city.
the parking available is good and only public transportation is a taxi. As for pedestrians/bicyclists there are some sidewalks but there's not pedestrian walk area
The parks in Belzoni are okay they have a basketball court , baseball field and a little area for the little kids
the people in my area will speak when you speak them but can be messy.
in my area people are trying to leave either move to another state or town. the are pet friendly organizations try to come up with things for the kids especially during the summer
In my town there arent a lot of places to go out. You would have to go to another town or city like jackson or greenville to actually enjoy yourself with friends
the attractions in my area or town are okay but to new people who has never been to my town would like it. Every year in my town we have the annual catfish festival in April. People from all over the state come out to enjoy themselves
the workout facilities are indoors . In this area the people are active they walk to store and visit other friends or family members.
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