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I like that its a small town and that walmart is where people go when we are bored. I would change the gas prices and the crime rate.
Like the area it is very kid friendly. There are a lot of stores near we're we can do all our shopping. The town always has events going on, especially for kids. Housing is affordable.
Belvidere has a very diverse population that has businesses, restaurants, activities, and community events that are fun and filled with new culturals.
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This is a classic growing American town, not a huge city, but not a tiny pin on the map you can drive through without noticing. While it's not the perfect place to live, it makes a good effort at giving the residents a place to make their lives fun.
The crime rate is low
The homes range in style and years when built
The community is pet friendly, and kid friendly.
There isn't much crime around where I live. Some police officers live in the area, and have been seen driving around the area.
Rockford is notorious for crime. shootings murders
Belvidere is a great small town. Its by Rockford.
I live in one of the newly built subdivisions so my area is somewhat okay. There are people that don't about what there house looks like. When you get towards the center of the town the houses get more of and worn down. The up keep on some houses are very needy.
I for see a lot of people moving out of Belvidere as it is getting a little to over populated and schools aren't the best. If i lived here with children they only way they would go to school is if i sent them to private school.
Im thankful we don't have as high as the crime rate as rockford but being so close there is a lot of crime that goes on in-between rockford and Belvidere since they are only 12 minutes apart.
I currently see a lot of people migrating somewhere other than Belvidere. Are crime rates have gone up and the school district are no longer the best but i will admit they re better than rockford. Every school in Belvidere is over crowed and corrupt with horrible authority. School should not be treated like jail and no one should be there to hold your hand.
The area is good in the way of housing. Most houses here, from the look of it, are about 15-20 years old. Not to many abandoned proprieties, maybe one or two that you can tell from looking at them, but a decent looking neighborhood.
The community holds many events throughout the year, and it feels like they so try and get people out to the events and enjoy the community.
Haven't hear anything about crime being an issue here. Police are very visible and being a small town, quick to respond.
Review Belvidere
It's a nice looking area, has a small town feel to it, some nice parks, nothing I see in a crime, but I know it's there. Fairly safe I think.
I like this city it's just the right size. There is lots to do here if you've never been here, however I've lived here my whole life. I wish some new attractions would come to town.
It's a nice small town. Compared to Rockford we have way less crime. We are not very hard of which is nice because then people can't judge you because they don't know how bad the city is. We don't have a lot of attractions in the city but we do have a lot of community events that can get people to come out here to support us. The atmosphere in the town is calming and nice because we can get along as a community. If I could live here again I would because it's a nice place to start a family and it's not too bad to get a good house and there isn't to many bad neighborhoods in the city.
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