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Safe but anywhere u live in the city or country u have to be watchful and involved in your

Friendly, affordable, convenient and up and coming
Neighbors are friendly they say good morning etc . We have neighborhood events and parties.

We look out for each other and our properties. There are more and more families and young couples moving in.

Heat fir walking, biking, tennis courts and pool at Park that is kept up and clean. 12 minutes from

Little 5 points and Inman park 5 minutes from downtown Decatur. Value of houses have increased since I've lived here my property bassinet has increased by 70,000 and that's less than 3 yrs. Great area.
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My overall experience of this area is a memorable one. Despite the living conditions or unemployment that I might be unaware of, I have learned a lot from staying in this area. The people are wonderful, so I have learned so much from these people.
I purchases my home in 1995 new and majority of the people that were here when I arrived are still here. There is not a lot of turnover in our neighborhood. Mostly everyone her is friendly.
The houses look nice in the area. A few houses may need a little exterior work like paint, minor repairs, etc. Most of the houses are spaced ok, but growing up in the country kind of spoiled me with loving the large space between houses. I'm glad that they are not too close as I have seen in other neighborhoods.
I believe the police respond in a timely manner when called upon.
This area is growing by leaps and bounds. The refacing of the long time businesses is one of the ways things are getting better. The neighborhoods are raising the standard with beautiful well kelp yards.
Would not choose to live here again
It all starts with county government. I am embarrassed of DeKalb county. Until the county is purged (again!) there will not be the changes needed to improve DeKalb. Schools are terrible where I live and instead of getting better, they are simply closing. I would love to see the area improve, but until residence start taking responsibility for the way they treat where they live it will not change. There are a lot of low-income, close-minded individuals who treat the area poorly. I am not sure how to even start to change this. BUT, I love my neighborhood, I love my neighbors, and I love my house!
It's not a safe neighborhood. People have moved in and out from a house nearby me. not cool
It'a place to live...I don't necessarily agree with pushing blacks out by raising property taxes to move other's in...what used to be a black area is now being revitalized, why couldn't this have happened before?
Lot's of options, I don't partake in them because I feel I would be discriminated against in this area
I'd prefer not to work in food service or retail which seems to be the only options. As a college graduate I can't get hired anywhere else.
I'm caring less and less about local reps, I don't feel my votes count and black votes are thrown out. I think they cheat in these elections and non one cares.
They are kind of run down, business owners not attentive to customer needs or stereotype you based off of race.
Review Belvedere Park
There are some good houses and some bad houses.
I'm not directly effected by crime but there are plenty who are.
There are communities way worse, so I'm not complaining too much.
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