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I have lived in the Belverdere Community from 1979-2004. When we first moved in there wasn't many children to play with. When other families moved in I was able to make friends. The community was quiet, and very safe. Growing up in the community everyone was very friendly. We all became a family. We shared the same school and we visited each other daily, we had great respect for each other. As a child we all grew up to adulthood together in the neighborhood. We had very little fights, the normal but within 5 minutes we were back playing together. After my mother past away it really wasn't the same living out there. We were all adults had moved on making a life for ourselves leaving out parents to live alone with grandchildren. but we visited frequently. Life was great in the community life would never be the same without it. Memories are cherished forever.
It is mostly safe around this area. As for the police visibility I cannot say because not alot of crimes happen aound here.
Well, I can say that the neighborhood is pretty quite. I do not have to worry about anyone having their music or radio too loud. Also it is pretty safe around here. And I am close to mostly every store and restaurant.
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My area is a pretty good place to live. It's nice and quiet most of the time, I would live here for many more years.
Crime is not that prevalent. It feels like an very safe place
Its an very open environment. Everyone is welcome and If you have a voice on something there are many oppurtunities to be heard by others in the community
North Augusta is a quiet town with low crime and average schools. It really is just an average town though - not a bad place to live at all, but there are better places in my opinion.
Most people here have that friendly southern hospitality.
It's not the best, but for the most part we try to keep our city clean.
There are a variety of quality housing in the area.
North Augusta is a family oriented community. Everyone mostly knows everyone.
There are always events marketed towards little kids and adults to do, but rarely teenagers.
North Augusta is a small town, but they are building things along the river to help bring in revenue.
There is a lot of side walk and bicyclists area along side roads. However; there is little public transportation options if any.

If you are in the area for a short time, like summer, it is hard to find a part-time job here. If you plan to stay in the area, you will have more opportunity to find something.
The public service here is okay, it could be better.
Crime happens here like anywhere else, but it's not that bad. Also police are quick to respond.
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Everything available to eat here are fast food chain restaurants; Mcdonalds, Chickfilla, Arbys, and Burger King; you can find in almost any part of the country.
The variety of stores in this area are very limited. Everything is the same family owned nick-nack shop or burger joint. The only big company stores here are Belk, Walmart, and K-mart among various grocery stores. The essentials are available in this area but as far as malls and stores like Best Buy you would have to go to Augusta.
This areas general atmosphere is the same all the time with really nothing new. If i could do it all over again I would not live here again. I would like to live in an area with more people and events so that I would be able to branch out a little more and have more opportunities in life. In the future I do not see myself returning because as of right now there seems that no future will be prevalent here. This town has the same traditions and people here unwilling to accept change.
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