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Beltsville, MD is a great community to live in. People are friendly, and the community is growing and flourishing with new building developments.
In Beltsville, we have natural Agriculture where we buy fresh vegetables and fruits and experience safety in the street.
I liked Beltsville because of its diversity, but sometimes I saw too many people of this certain race.
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I have never heard of a crime reported in my neighborhood.
Beltsville is peaceful, quiet, and crime free.
I've had to walk alone to and from by bus stop for 3 years during high school. There were times that it was very dark in the morning and it was a decent 5 to 10 minute walk but despite that, I never felt threatened or afraid. Not even when grown men would pass me. They often even said "Good morning" as I passed.
I've lived in this are all my life and I can honestly say it's a decent place to live. I've never felt threatened to walk down the street by myself and everyone is relatively kind.
It is alright so far.
Its ok, but the public transportation needs to improve.
I have never encountered any type of crime in my area, but there have probably been a few cases in other parts of the area. It is very safe on my street and that allows me to sleep great at night.
I love this area, it's is in the middle of various areas I constantly find myself going to. It's very safe and I haven't really had any issues here. I would definitely chose to live here all over again if I had the choice.
There are a lot of houses on the market and some have sat for some time. I wished there was a HOA fee everyone paid to help keep peoples lawn/ front yard well maintained and more sidewalks around the area were installed.
A lot of people keep to themselves.
Although the area is not the best, there is very little crime that occurs. I don't feel unsafe in the area.
The area has changed over the years. I am looking to move in the next year are so.
Living in this area is great & the people are actually very friendly and kind. I have high hopes for this neighborhood in the future as well.
When i first came here it was horrible i could not speak no English. So at the beginning i did not like it at all my neighbor. I was changing my standard of life to a better quality of life. The different between where i live now and where i come from is that where i came from we know everybody name in the neighborhood is the U.S you got lucky if you know the names of your neighbor i am speaking fact. In the future for this area i seen the same pretty much at less we got more jobs or business people for a better quality of life.
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The school systems are not that great. Class rooms are over populated and the classes are too easy. The area is okay, it is not that clean and not everyone is friendly. I would not choose to live in this area again. I prefer areas that offer more outdoor activities and where neighborhoods are more tight knit. The area is getting over built and over populated.
There is a fire station less than a block from my house. It is the best reaction.
Police are very reliable in the area. The area is very safe.
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