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Its a very nice suburb of Kansas city, it far enough away from the city life but close enough to still enjoy. I have lived here more than 10 years and love it!
Belton is a great location for living right outside Kansas City. It is a fast growing town. They are currently adding many shopping centers within Belton.
Belton is more like a home to everyone that lives there. There is good food and people that you can always visit there. Everyone there is polite and it's quite homely. I believe that everyone will agree with me on that.
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Belton is a growing town. It still has a small town feel with features of a city. Being close to Kansas City really helps give more of a nightlife without it being right in town.
Belton is a great city to settle down and raise a family. My only complaint is that there isn't much to do around here. There aren't many exciting events or fun places to go; however, Belton isn't too far away from Kansas City if you do get bored with the same old same old.
I've lived in Belton my entire life, and I have never had a problem while living there. There are many new businesses that have come to town, so there are many opportunities for jobs in the area. The schools in Belton are also nice.
Belton is up and coming with a lot of new restaurants and activities for the family. It is an affordable and safe community to reside in.
For the two years that I have lived in Belton, my over-all experience has been pleasant.
The police force is present, but not oppressive; the residents are generally pleasant, and up until this last week, I've not had any bad experiences.

With that being said, my apartment has now been broken into and I was relieved of my flat screen television!
Its a good place to stay. not alot of voilence and you know alot of people here. its close to a big city and they have alkot of stuff there
Belton has many opportunities for kids to get involved with sports and their community. The schools are fairly decent and always improving, and is around average in size. This town is also constantly building new restaurants and shops, so there are plenty of job opportunities. It is a pretty nice place, it just use a little cleaning up here and there. But overall it is a good place to raise a family.
Rarely do I see the police department at people houses. When I see a patrol car they are either doing their job, patrolling, or pulling someone over for traffic violations. I feel incredibly safe in this community because I see that the police force car about the safety of their community and they are always their when anyone has to be called.
Every town has its flaws, but Belton has begun to grow. Once my husband and I first started to be in the Belton area it was not much of a town. There was not many restaurants and it did not seem like there was much development going on. Now that we have been spending time int he area for about two years and have lived here for a few months we have been able to see this community grow. Currently they just opened up a Freddy's and are getting ready to open a Texas Roadhouse. These two places are going to bring a lot of new people to the area and I think that it will benefit not just the town, but those that live their with the quality of life and home values. More people coming to town and looking to move a little bit more away from the city Belton is the perfect place to be!
The police are never really needed
It's an okay place to live but it's not the best
Good place to be involved with the city amenities close by.
Have no concerns about safety in our area
It's got a small town feel with big city amenities.
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Everything is close by. You do not have to drive far to go to your favorite restaurant or your local supermarket. Also, you are only 20 minutes from the city and 5 minutes from the country. It's the best of both worlds.
there are a lot of basic food and drinking options in this area but not many to appeal to an older more mature clientele.
There are a lot of low level paying jobs, but not many with advancement potential, or high paying jobs with advanced opportunities.
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