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It is quiet and well maintained. There are exceptional schools here with little crime. Children are generally well-behaved. People are generally pleasant and kind to their neighbors.
Belton is a quiet area and very comfortable to reside in. It has excellent schools that strive to see every student succeed. I have lived here for over 20 years and refuse to leave the area.
Belton is the perfect size town! It is big enough to have different choices in where you would like to do business, and still has that small country feel. People are friendly and caring in Belton, and someone always greets you with a warm Hello and a smile.
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Belton, Texas is the hidden gym of the central Texas area. It's quaint, clean, and charming. The downtown area hosts live music in the summers and if you need more nightlife year round Austin is only an hour away. Living alone as a single female can be intimidating but Belton has made it very comfortable. The police force is fair and friendly which helps increase the comfort. Demographically Belton is in a great location because it's not too far to any of Texas' major cities and the weather is excellent for outdoor activities year round such as Miller springs with its beautiful nature trails and Belton lake with its beautiful blue waters! There is something for everyone here in Belton.
Its a pretty small quite town. Would love to see more stuff to do in it though. So many buildings being made and its all just fast food joints and auto part places. Should make more stuff for kids have stuff to do.
Growing small town. Quite neighborhoods, good schools, and friendly people. Great BBQ places. Close to Ft. Hood, Harker heights, and not to far from Austin.
Belton is a college town with a great community. It's between two larger towns which gives it a lot of fun and opportunity for activities. It's also next to a lake for fun outdoor recreation.
I love the small town feel of Belton. Everyone here is extremely friendly and always willing to help. There are a ton of amazing places to eat, all with a good atmosphere and even better food. I would like to see more things to do in Belton.
Belton is a small rural town but it is growing. It is very personable. It is definitely a place where people know your name. It has a very low crime rate, awesome schools and lovely neighborhoods.
I like it's a small town. The teachers in the schools care and has a great college there also. They need my things to do for kids. It needs to be built up. There needs to be some business so they town can make more money.
Belton has a beautiful lake and great scenery for the outdoor type. The small town feel set right between Waco and Austin give residents plenty of options for food and entertainment.
BeltonISD is the best school system in the area. The middle schools and high schools offer many courses that are not available in other area school districts. Middle schoolers are able to take high school math courses up to Geometry, high school Spanish 1 and high school Art. They are also able to take many Pre-AP courses. High school students get to choose between traditional high school and New Tech high school. Both high schools offer dual credit programs with nearby colleges. Speaking of colleges, Belton is a college town servicing the students at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor (UMHB). Downtown is full of small shops and cafes. Belton is the county seat and the home of the Bell county museum. There are many jobs available in Belton, from entry level jobs to warehouse work to professorships and jobs in the medical field. There are lots of choices for whatever you want to do.
I love belton. I have been here for about 10 years and it is a beautiful and fun town. It's not to big and not to small and there are so many things to do.
This is such a unique town. Everyone is extremely friendly. I feel safe and at home here. It is not big, but it is a beautiful town. You can see and feel the history when you drive through Belton streets. The town also has all these unique beautiful little shops anyone would love.
I had my high school state championship golf bag and clubs stolen from my locked truck. The only time I left them in my car. Too much theft at my university.
Small, quiet, and safe environment to live in especially attending school. Not many activists in Belton, however there are arcades, movie theater, malls, etc. around Belton.
It was good place to raise children. The schools are good and if your child has special needs they work with you for the child's' benefit. I really enjoy Belton.
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Belton was home for me. It was a gentle and happy place to grow up, and provided a mixture of nature and urban environments to grow up.
I grew up in this town there are some fun things to do. There are two lakes to go to during the summer. they have boat rentals and many lakeside parks. They have nature trails, down town they have great places to ear with a small town feel in a fairly good sized town. they only thing I would say could improve is some of the areas downtown are a little run down and not so great to look at.
Belton is an awesome little town between Waco and Austin. It is unique because it is simultaneously a retirement community and a college town. This feature makes for unique experiences and a variety of in-town services. For a small town, Belton has a plethora of restaurants and activities. I definitely enjoy living here.
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