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I like that Belton is a small town. It makes it easy for me to get around and it reminds me of my hometown. I would like to change the crime rate in Belton, cars that belong to my neighbors have been broken into in the past. Sometimes burglarized and sometimes just vandalized. I live walking distance to a local park, Yettie Polk Park, and frequently I pick up trash and water bottles that have been left behind by teenage boys who play basketball there daily. I wish others shared my respect for mother Earth.
I love Belton! There is so much to do and see here. Downtown Belton is by far the best place to be in. There is also a lot of areas to swim which is convenient especially because of how hot it is here!!
I love Belton! Belton has a great small town feel with quick access to I-35. I enjoy being close to my family while pursuing my nursing education at The University of Mary Hardin Baylor. There are beautiful parks and trails that I enjoy going to. There is live music and downtown shopping. Millers Smokehouse is a great spot for the best BBQ! I wish there was a Chick-Fil-A!
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Home to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton houses a wonderful atmosphere both traditional and commercial. As a soldier on Fort Hood, I met my wife while she attended classes at the University. Being that I grew up in Akron Ohio, a far fling from Texas, I had a hard time coping with home sickness. As we dated, I spent all of my time after work visiting her at her job, stay with her to do homework etc. Overtime it occurred to me that my homesickness was going away. Belton had everything for me. The Grand Avenue movie theaters with their wholesome friendly service, the grocery stores close by and the wonderful selections of food provided a safe haven where we could spend quality time in getting to know each other. Belton has provided a home away from my home in Ohio of which I had spent 21 years of my life. Now, of course, I live here with my wife and I couldn't be more happier than I am now.
Belton is a great town to reside in (as I do). There is an awesome small town country feel in a not so small town.
This is an absolutely amazing town to live in! The sense of community is outrageous, from the Independence parade to the market days there is always fun to be had. A big hotspot is our town creek being the center of attention on warm days. You can always find something to do or people to do things with. IT is an honor to be a part of this great town.
I like that its a small community and people are very nice in Belton. I wish there was more variety of asian foods around here and more fun hangouts.
I love living in Belton! It's a small town but that's something I really love about going to school here. Everyone knows everyone and the community is very tight-knit. It's so cool to see the entire town come out and support the sports teams and really invest in the college students at UMHB.
Belton is a great growing town that still has that small-town vibe. This community is well established and affordable.
I think Belton is a great and quiet place to live. I have lived in Belton over 25yrs. Its a great place to raise my kids. The school system is awesome. The truly try to help your children reach their academic goals and requirements. They have a great curriculum.
As someone who has lived here for nearly 5 years I would say that belton Texas is a pretty good place to live. Belton is quite safe with a pretty low crime rate. It’s really family friendly with many kid centered opportunities and activities. It’s a pretty small town so it’s not super hectic, which I like, but it’s not so small town that everybody knows everything about everybody. Another plus in my opinion. Belton has good agricultural land as well as good subarbs. Downtown belton is where the majority of activities are located. It has two great, small hometown type movie theaters and an amazing local butcher. The police and fire department are amazing and so dedicated to the safety and well being of the people of Belton. However, the elected city officials don’t do enough to financially support the first responders.
As a young adult, I enjoy some aspects about Belton, Texas. The sights and activites are numerous, everyone is very friendly and involved in the community. One issue I feel that really needs to be addressed is the lack of modernization. This town is perfect for anyone over the age of 30, there are movie theaters that show a variety of films ranging from the 1950s-2019, parks, numerous places to dine; but I find that this town needs to be more flexible when it comes to appealing to different age groups and social demographics.
Small town feel with courteous and kind people. Located in the center of Texas only an hour away from Austin and a few hours from Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.
Belton is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Aswell as a large assortmebt of kind , tradional people. Lets not forget about that texas cultur. Each resident is willing to help each other. Wether it be in a hospital, store or even at the lake. Belton is in the heart of texas and that shows in how the people conduct themselves
Belton gives you the small town feel with opportunity to grow and expand. It is the ideal place to start a family, with top tier public schools and location. Surrounded by several urban sprawls one is not too isolated, but can also find miles of beautiful open land.
I live in Belton, Texas but I obviously go to school in Harker Heights, Texas. In my opinion, I think that it is affordable to live in Belton, however I am not the one paying the bills. The public school around this are really good and especially in Belton they are making more school because the city is changing overall. Around this area, the city is growing and growing and this is why they are making new schools and especially a new high school because there is probably a lot of people in that high school, a ton. The commute time is not that bad, well that is my opinion. Around this area, there is obviously a lot of diversity many people from different places and speaking their own languages.
Belton is a place that defiantly feels like home. From the Friday night football games, to the First Saturday market days. Belton is a place I would love to see my family settle in the future. Its downtown gives you the "night out on the town" vibes with out having to drive the distance. With schoepfs summer concert series, they bring the Texas music to you ; allowing Dancing and enjoying company of family. Belton has the best of all worlds.
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Going to school in Belton is incredible because it is so pretty and welcoming! The creek is a nice place where you can sit and do homework, or if you are interested you could travel a little further and head over to the lake. The restaurants and amenities are not fantastic, but with Temple nearby it's no problem.
I like about Belton Texas is the safest crime jobs night life. I would travel to go see a man from Belton. Would like to change life and jobs and night life
Its a very Quaint little town,Very friendly,has a few good restaurants.Close to Scott And White Hospital.More of a retired community.Connets to another small town Temple Texas.And about 45 mintues from Austin Texas and three hours from Dallas.
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