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I had my high school state championship golf bag and clubs stolen from my locked truck. The only time I left them in my car. Too much theft at my university.
Small, quiet, and safe environment to live in especially attending school. Not many activists in Belton, however there are arcades, movie theater, malls, etc. around Belton.
It was good place to raise children. The schools are good and if your child has special needs they work with you for the child's' benefit. I really enjoy Belton.
Belton was home for me. It was a gentle and happy place to grow up, and provided a mixture of nature and urban environments to grow up.
I grew up in this town there are some fun things to do. There are two lakes to go to during the summer. they have boat rentals and many lakeside parks. They have nature trails, down town they have great places to ear with a small town feel in a fairly good sized town. they only thing I would say could improve is some of the areas downtown are a little run down and not so great to look at.
Belton is an awesome little town between Waco and Austin. It is unique because it is simultaneously a retirement community and a college town. This feature makes for unique experiences and a variety of in-town services. For a small town, Belton has a plethora of restaurants and activities. I definitely enjoy living here.
Belton is a beautiful place to live. It is a small town so everything is close and convenient. However, it is less than an hour away from Austin which has everything you can imagine. The city does a great job with local parks and trails to encourage people to enjoy being outside. I'm so glad I chose Belton as my place to live.
I love Belton, Texas. It is a big enough town to have an university, but also has that small town feeling. Everyone around is always so nice and polite. Most of the restaurants there are locally owned and operated. That is one of my favorite things I love about Belton. One thing I would change about Belton is there is no night life. Although the University of Mary Hardin Baylor is there, there is virtually nothing to do at nighttime.
Country , lots of land, cowboys and cow girls, farms. Everyone smiles when you walk by them. Everyone is friendly. What would i change? I would've brought a home the if i have known how it was there when i first moved here. Schools are the best. Diversity of every kind but still become a cow boy or cow girl. football is the game everyone watches for schools and at the Belton expo-center is where everything happens, the rodeo, big sells and such.
I have no safety concerns
Excellent community, very family oriented.
We have recently had theft in public places and some break in.
Belton has a small town feel with a big city attitude that is steadily growing with the never ending expansion of I-35. Belton has a dedicated senior citizen community along with a seasonal college student community that gives the town much business. The schools are growing with the town.
Though I love my neighborhood, a little bit down the road was a man who was a registered pedophile and my mom does not let me run down that way anymore.
I love Belton, though I was not here by choice, and I don't attend Belton high school, I do love Belton. It's cute and small yet is growing every single day.
Belton has a small police force, it can take them 15-20 minutes to respond to a call.
Belton is a nice community. People are generally friendly. Many opportunities to get out and explore all the best things central Texas has to offer.
Many places to eat in this area
More jobs are becoming available.
I would definitely live here again. It is amazing
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