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For a medium-sized city, Beloit still has a small-town feel. Because of this, most people are friendly, but I've met many middle-aged to older adults who have some biased or prejudicial beliefs because they have not ventured out of this county for most of their adult lives. I do love the farmers market. There are many nice, small businesses in the downtown area. The annual lighted Christmas parade is nice. Many of the teachers hired into this school district do not have much experience, which can be positive or negative, depending on the teacher. It is helpful that Beloit is located near the interstate, with convenient commutes to Madison and Milwaukee, WI and to Rockford, Il because there are not many jobs nearby. Unfortunately, Beloit has been an economically depressed area for some time now.
Beloit is a great town. Social media only puts out the negative the past few years. Don't get me wrong every town has its own negatives, but Beloits is put out a lot based on what people hear. I lived in Beloit for seven years now. I loved the high school. They have AP classes and a lot of other classes that will transfer to college to help high schoolers get a head in college while still in high school. Which I did. I enjoy walking around down town. It has some amazing little shops and the view down there is amazing. I've had a great experience living in Beloit. I enjoy it so much that i bought a house close to Beloit College so I can easily walk downtown whenever I wanted to.
The city of Beloit has many ethnicities and races and offers many free family friendly activities. The city fights for its people and encourages diversity and academic excellence
Beloit is such a wonderful city. Although it has a bad reputation, I have never wished to live anywhere else. The people are friendly, the high school is wonderful, and the teachers often go above and beyond their duties.
Beloit is a very diverse, opportunity-filled, and community orientated town. I have lived in Beloit for over 10 years and my education has taken place here from elementary to high school leading to my college. Beloit school systems are very diverse and this has changed my horizons in a positive way. Just because we are different from one another does not mean that the situation is negative. The diversity has taught me we can all learn from each other. The Beloit community is very involved in making Beloit a better place by offering several programs that allows students to put in community service hours and make Beloit a better place.
For the most part Beloit is very safe and secure there are possibly a few bad areas if I can say but mostly everything is very safe.
The atmosphere in the area is phenomenal and I would highly recommend a visit and possibly full time living. Everyone here is really friendly and welcoming, there are so many fun activities to do all the time.
There is not much to do in this city. The amount of building and industry has gone up a lot in the last 5 years and is bringing more and more people to Beloit. Some parts of Beloit are heavy with crime but most parts are safe. It is small enough to not be packed with people everywhere you go and large enough to have all necessities and luxuries.
Its ok I guess. Don't love nor hate it. That is all.
People get shot alot it seems like never used to be like that but I guess things change.
I've lived here most of my life like any other city it has its ups and downs if I had a choice I would of not moved here however.
Most of the crime is targeted, general public not in danger of violent crimes.
Even with the increased crime, this is still a great town to work and live in.
It's a friendly place to live in. A lot of people own a pet so it's really pet friendly.
I like Beloit. My only concern would be the recent rise in crime activity. We've had a few crime incidents this past couple of months.
Beloit is a small city but it's a good place to live in. There's a lot of diversity which is hard to find in other places.
Beloit has all 4 seasons each year. Winters can get cold and Summer can get really hot.
Beloit is known for "Supper Clubs" and Fish Frys
When Beloit Corp left Beloit and then GM in Janesville, that really hurt the job market in Beloit, Since then, the city has seen a rise in employment and a decrease in unemployment. The old Beloit Corp building is now the Ironworks and pretty close to being full. The downtown has been renovated and is attracting many new start up companies that will hopefully attract younger people just graduated from college. In 2015, Northstar will be opening in the Gateway Business Park, which has been attracting many new business's over the past 5+ years.
The natural disasters like a tornado usually are around Beloit, not in it. The winters are really cold but if you dress warmly, you will be fine. Same goes for the summer but it's juts hot instead. The only thing I don't like is the fact that spring comes really late.
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