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It is a cute suburb where everyone is friendly and there are always dogs and kids on the street. It is small and easy to get around. There is both Cushing square and Belmont center which have cute shops and places to eat. It is very close to Boston and the public transportation there is very easily accessible.
Picturesque town with a well educated and generally progressive community, but a prevailing NIMBY attitude that's not very friendly to local business.
A great town, filled with a surprising amount of wonderful people, and a very focused public high school.
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I like how Belmont is a small community and everyone seems to know eachother. I would like to see more restaurants and bars in Belmont.
Belmont is just next door to Cambridge and Harvard Square, but has a small-town feeling with plenty of public parks and conservation land. Schools are excellent and the town is very "walkable."
I love Belmont because you are able to experience the nature and rural-ness of towns like Concord and Lincoln, while also still being able to access the T and be just a short drive from the city. The town is only around 4 square miles so it's extremely walkable, and the houses are beautiful. However, the public school system is by far what makes Belmont a uniquely amazing town. If utilized correctly, the school system here could take you just as far as most private schools.
Belmont is a very small and cute town. Most have lived there for their entire lives and and thrive on the traditions of the town. Everything is in walking distance, which is great excersize after going to the the family run diners and ice cream parlors. After moving in to the town, I soon experienced the close knit unity between the people. Once you get involved with town events and the people, Belmont can be a great place to live!
It a very safe Town. Crime rate is low.
For the most part it is a safe place. There are some issues with drugs but you cannot escape that.
This is a safe town with excellent schools and you can pretty much walk everywhere.
If you work, there will be a job for you.
Hardly any crimes occur, to my knowledge.
Harsh summers, and winters, but the in between seasons are wonderful!
Great cafes and coffee shops. Not too many late night restaurants, nor nightlife though.
There is a wide range of business sizes, and fields, so there is something for everyone. However, if you are pursuing a career in a specialized field, you may have to search elsewhere. We are only 15 minutes away from the city, so opportunity is never too far away.
I love the variety of local businesses around my house. There's a small square with a few boutiques, a gourmet wine and spirit shop, a salon, a shoe cobbler, and a few family owned restaurants. During morning to afternoon hours, it is wonderful. However, businesses begin closing down around 6:00 pm, and by the nighttime, nothing is open anymore.
response time from fire and police is quite fast
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Houses are old but most people seek renovations
visibility of the police is quite high
We get all 4 seasons here....hurriacan like winds in the spring and heavy snow in the winter
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