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This neighborhood has some of the largest properties in Ashburn and there is nice space among the homes here. Houses here are 10 years old or less so very modern and well-kept. The surrounding neighborhoods are somewhat older but still very nice and well maintained. The few broken down properties nearby have been leveled as a huge road widening project is in effect for the next 3 years.
Our immediate community is not as cohesive as surrounding ones because people tend to keep more to themselves here, maybe because there are many different cultures living in this neighborhood. But overall, it is a beautiful and safe place to live with many modern conveniences closeby and access to airports, shopping, and great schools.
There are very little crimes in my area. Police are always visible and responsive.
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I would definitely live here again if I had to redo it. My education and sports experiences have been great.
There is very little crime.
It has a great education system and houses are nice but there are not a lot of things to do for fun.
For a teenager in this area, there is practically nothing to do. Everything is very expensive in this area which limits the amount of things to do even further. The people are getting more and more liberal. I've noticed the people in this area are generally not as friendly as the people in places I've lived previously, such as Dallas, TX.
I grew up in this area, and have watched it developed from quiet, rural suburbia to progressively up-and-coming town. It'll be interesting to see how the Ashburn, Virginia, area ends up in 3-5 years.
The weather in this area is pretty moderate
The nature/outdoor areas are beautiful, they are very accessible and are very well kept.
This Ashburn area is perfect for families, there are a lot of kid friendly events, and also there are a lot of places that are accommodating to animals
The local business around the Ashburn area are great, there is a wide variety of stores so there is access to whatever you are looking for.
The ashburn area is very safe, and the police respond in a timely matter
The food and drink in this area, is somewhat redundant, there are no unique places to eat and ther is not a lot of variety. However I do love the frozen yougurt places around town like pinkberry and zinga.
The job market in the Ashburn area is pretty decent, the jobs are there however you have to look for it.
Parking can be a bit of a struggle.
People take fitness very seriously.
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Public services could be more prevalent
This area is relatively crime free.
It will be freezing one day and then hot the next
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