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Belmont is a quaint small town located outside of Charlotte proper. The restaurants are spectacular and there are great little shops in the downtown area.
I am absolutely in LOVE with the small town and the small town feel here in Belmont. The schools are good with small class sizes and teachers and families knowing each other like family. Nothing is bigger in Belmont than Sout Point football in a cool crisp Friday Night.

Shopping is simple and just a 3-5 minute drive away. Harris Twitter comes to town September 2017. Crossings our fingers for a Starbucks in the HT.

Your gonna love the folks here in Belmont.
located conviently to I85 and the YMCA. Lots of shopping and restaurants nearby, nothing really to do after the sun goes down however.
We have problems every once in a while but for the most part it's quiet
I have lived here most of my life and I would not trade it
There is crime everywhere. However, it is less in our area. With our town being smaller; police patrol regularly; even in the neighborhoods.
I have lived in this small town my whole life. And while I look forward to going away to school; I definitely hope to come back to this area to live. I've spent time in the big cities and places more vast than here; but I love the small town feel. There's a good neighbor persona that extends to everyone.
It's expensive to live here.
The weather is very mild here all year long. We very seldom have snow or bad weather. It makes living here the best.
Lake Wylie and Lake Norman are very close and many fish, swim or boat most of the year. Beaches and mountains are only a few hours away and make it easy to live here and travel every weekend if you'd like. There are also many parks and green spaces in our area including Charlotte.
The future for our town and community is positive and strong. There is so much going on around our community, that people choose to live in Belmont and engage in its activities. The schools, churches, restaurants and businesses make this a great place to live!
People love our small town and live here and raise their children here. We have several parks that are family and pet friendly. We also have a dog salon that the community seems to love. Our Friday night and family events are always a huge hit and always packed.
Local businesses are thriving due to lots of selection of stores and restuarants. The biggest draw to living in our small town is the friendliness of it's people and the uniqueness of the stores.
There is lots of traffic in the Charlotte area which causes many wrecks and congestion. Our own town is very safe for pedestrians and bikers. It is a historic town and has great sidewalks and parks.
The White Water Center is only 10 minutes away and draws alot of people in to "play" and to work. We also have Carowinds a few miles away that draws people from several states to visit. Downtown Charlotte has the Carolina Panthers and our own town hosts Friday night events and summer events for families.
Being close to Charlotte, NC, there are many job opportunities and most people drive in to Charlotte. Our school system also hires many people. We still have some mills that are active and help with employment.
Being in a small town, most people walk or run the historical downtown and surrounding areas. We also have lots of bikers and a local pool. The YMCA is nearby and is extremely busy.
Very little crime in our town.
Our police/fire station/firemen are extremely dedicated and take great care of our town and community. They are very involved in reaching out to the schools and athletes as well. The local school board takes great interest in the students and are very visible.
People in our town are extremely friendly and supportive of each other. They really support the schools and sports.
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