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Love it the town is very all about the town and the school is awesome. They have a private beach fornthe people who live there. Easy to everything. Good job opportunities.
More police presence does not equal a safer community. Nor does stricter laws, or a more vigilant task force. The jails are literally so full, they are letting drug users go because they don't have the space to incarcerate them. The problem isn't that the cops aren't doing their job. The problem is that people don't care anymore. They have lost hope, because the area so economically screwed up.
Pick a drug. There is an epidemic concerning that drug within 100 miles of my location. What more do I need to say?
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Housing costs and values have gone down, yet taxes are still higher than average.
For the most part, residents grew up here and return. Families have lived in this town for generations. I love some of the surrounding towns and the nature and wild life is amazing.
I think there is more crime due to the drug epidemic.
I would live here again, i feel like the overall area has improved, however, it's not what it was 15 years ago...
I love the different seasons.
I feel pretty safe in this area, there is not a lot of crime, but like most communities these days, drugs and alcohol seem to be a problem
NH is beautiful and wonderful to see all four seasons
There aren't any mom and pop stores around here, but there are some in the towns over from me. They do not have as great of a selection of goods, but usually they are good quality!
You have to do some hunting if you want to find a good job, but you could get one. There are jobs that may not be ideal, but they are available. Getting jobs are easy, you just have to be willing to work.
In my community, there really is not much crime that happens on a regular basis. I think only one time my dad's car was broken into because he had some loose change on the floor, so they broke a window. The city over, Laconia NH has more crime and there are usually "drug busts" and things like that, but it does not affect me.
Well equipped for ice and snow removal, but not after.
A lot of people know each other and grew up together.
Not much in the area of public transportation
It's average for cost of living, but beautiful.
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The lakes region area has beautiful natural resources.
Nh gets a few tourists in the summer and fall. Our town handle it ok.
The representatives don't necessarily represent their constituents. Small town, public services are appropriate
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