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The Jersey Shore touches beautiful Belmar, New Jersey throughout the four seasons. Summer is sand, surfing and swimming, fall is bike riding on the boardwalk, winter is sleigh riding on mountains of snow piled on top of sand and spring is when tennis at the marina begins along with seafood restaurants, stand up paddle boarding, fishing and sunsets on the water.
Living two blocks away from the beach is amazing!
My town is amazing. Although it is only 1 square mile large, it has some splendid attractions that both tourists and locals can enjoy. The gorgeous beach and adorable shops and unique restaurants make me proud to call Belmar my home!
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Summer homes are not taken care of.
Summer months are the best for fitness and health.
State parks and landmarks are amazing.
Surrounding towns and people are an issue.
Good weather. Tropical storms are common.
Most people work in outside towns or in New York City in order to earn an income. Teenagers hold most restaurant and clothing store jobs in town seeing as we hire at the age of 14. Summer is by far the most prosperous season for the town bring in many tourists who love to shop and eat out.
I have grown up knowing most of the shop owners in town and am able to get almost everything I need. As a one square mile town we offer a lot but there is still the need to go to surrounding towns to purchase food and inexpensive clothes. Most stores are restaurants or beach apparel due to the fact that we are a tourist location and a beach town.
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