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I have lived in Bellwood since I was two years old. Back in the day, I had so much fun going outside and playing with the kids around the neighborhood. The one thing I would change about Bellwood is the fact that we don't have any booming businesses like the surrounding neighborhood. I would like to see more businesses in Bellwood.
While Bellwood is family community there are still some dangerous areas . Bellwood is building the community and will become a great area for families soon. There are shopping areas nearby and food . Quick access to highways and main streets for travel.
There is rarely any crime.
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I think this area is very close and family oriented. Everyone knows everybody and it is a homely feeling neighborhood.
There is not much crime in my area.
My area could be better but I am happy I have somewhere to live.
Personally, the amount of things to do where I live is limited. Every day seems repetitive no matter what and I've always been the kind of person who would like to experience new things.
This area overall is nice a quietr suburban area
its ok overall. not too bad. need more things to do.
I believe that Chicago is getting worse by the second. It's not even safe in Chicago anymore.
Growing up as a child it was fun but once you get into your teenage years there is nothing for you to do.
Not a lot of wildlife is seen here. Grass/lawns are green, and there are flowers, but other than that, there is not a lot of nature.
You can get everything you need within the area.
Weather changes frequently. One day it can be warm and then next day can be freezing.
nice houses, quiet area, people are friendly. nothing abandoned
the area is pretty safe. police patrol the area and very minimal crime
There is not an overall variety of chain restaurants in the area. We have more "mom & pop". There is one nightclub I am familiar with.
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There are not many employment opportunities in the area. There may be at the few fast food restaurants. What most people do for a living are not available in our area.
There are a few vacant houses. They are either for sale or being rehabbed. There is a new senior living complex being built. The value of the homes have gone down tremendously..
There is one local grocery store, one drug store, no dry cleaners or laundromat. Sometimes the product is outdated at the grocery store and it smells. There is no car wash. Local businesses could be improved. There are no places for the kids to go for entertainment.
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