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Everything was great Mrs Janice was very helpful and very nice she didn’t follow me around the store and she didn’t treat me like a disease the way the world is going now the store was very clean nice and neat and everything was in place Mrs Janice knew everything I would ask for I would definitely recommend this store to anyone
Neighborhood is very friendly. Everything you need is close and there is always something going on during the weekend for family's to do.
Great town to live in nice small and sweet and a nice place to grow up, nice restaurants and schools.
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Bellview is a flourishing area, with lots of shopping and food opportunities. The local schools provide an excellent learning experience as well as extracurricular activites. Bellview is also only 30 minutes from Pensacola Beach, depending on the route that is taken.
As with EVERY part of Pensacola there are improvements to be made but I've been in Bellview most of my life and my family members as well and it's a nice place to live. Pensacola over all " I love it here and most likely will leave this earth from here.
Crimes are not seen often here.
Police and sheriff deputies are very prevalent and respond to calls quickly. However, there is a high rate of home burglaries and drug usage in the city.
Pensacola is an amazing city full of historical significance, beautiful beaches, parks, and great restaurants. If I had to live here my whole life, I would not mind at all. New restaurants, entertainment centers, and homes are constantly being developed. It's becoming more diverse and open to liberal ideas, but there is still a sense of southern hospitality.
The area I lived in was filled with criminals and delinquents. We moved away because it came to a point where the cops were in the neighborhood literally every other day, and we no longer felt safe. The rest of the city looks okay to live in, and I have had no problems in my current home, but at the other house, there were over a dozen moments at which our family feared of getting shot by our neighbors.
Half of the houses are abandoned or foreclosed; while, the other half have terrible yard upkeep or housing appeal. That does not include the one percent of the people who are attempting to restore the neighborhood as it once was before. Surrounding areas have gratify and run down homes that make it even less appealing to get through to the neighborhood.
People avoid each other only time they interact is when something bad comes up in the community that needs to be addressed. Such as community safety on what precautions should be taken when unknown "trespassers" maybe around. Dogs are wary of anyone who goes near there homes and makes exercising have a quicker pace.
Over the past eighteen years of living here there as been several break-ins near my house. This has caused for concern that if your cars are unlocked at night you check them twice before going to sleep. Rising crime rates have lead left many people to seek a home security system, if affordable.
I would never move back here. If i had to it would only be for the beaches. The people do not get a long very well.
the area can be considered unsafe considering where you are in the city
This is a nice area
I just prefer not to live in the city period. its nothing against the area at all but i just prefer to be out in the country
I moved here for family reasons

I don't see any opportunity to get ahead raising a family here

there is plenty to do if you retired or vacation but not to stay above the poverty level
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Depending on the appetite of the eater, two can dine out for under $50 including the tip. It seems like almost every business has some sort of special that allows the customer to save by choosing their business for the evening.
Here in Florida, near the beautiful white sandy beaches, life is great. Sometimes, like right now, it can get a little cold but overall it's warm in the winter and breezy in the summer. Restaurants along the beach offer nice cuisines, views, and perks for dining with them so it's basically a win win.
The businesses are great in my area. There's a lot of variety as far as cuisines and different venues.
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