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My overall experience in Bellows Falls was great! This town is small, but quaint. Bellows Falls is full of history; not to mention, it contains many local shops. Everybody I came across was friendly. If you have the opportunity to visit, you must stop by and catch a movie at the Opera House. It only cost $5!!! If I could change anything, I would recommend cleaning the town as a whole. The town square is beautiful, but the surrounding homes need a little TLC.
Police are more concerned about getting drugs off the street then anything else. They need to put focus onto all the problems around not just that one problem. There is vandalism and other crimes going on that don't matter to them.
This area has a lot of drug use everywhere. The cops don't do their job. The taxes are way to high and continue to get higher.
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Bellows Falls has made me fall in love over and over again. It's like a story book, and I'd never chose another place.
There are not a lot of huge things to visit like amusement parks, but there are a lot of historical/art things that people can come see. We get a lot of tourists during ski season and fall because of the beautiful change of leaves.
There really isn't a lot of crime in the area of Bellows Falls I live in, but there are small slices of town that have drug issues. Otherwise people are pretty safe and many leave their doors and cars unlocked.
Things are never too cold or hot, which is great! We just get a lot of snow during the winter, but what more can you expect from Vermont?
There are a couple good places to go eat during the day like Joy Wah or Shona Grill, but these options are not open very late. Bellows Falls is dead after 10 pm.
Employment is great if you're working at the local high school or own a business, but otherwise most jobs are only suit for high school students... no one with a real career.
Bellows Falls is full of local mom and pop shops which are wicked cute, but not always practical! Luckily we have a bigger chain grocery store just five minutes away, but in another state.
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