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25 reviews
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Bellmore is a very quiet neighborhood. Not much really happens in bellmore. There are a lot of families here that are raising children. A bad thing about Bellmore is there is not too much ethnic diversity.
The police are always visible, on the streets or in parking lots. Crime in this area is not high and I feel safe.
I love this area. I am near the best beaches and the best city. Living with my family and growing up with a great education, I would live here again in the future if I could afford it.
Over the past year, more crimes have been committed in the area. Many drug related crimes, some robberies, and some violence. Police are around, however they take some time responding to the area in need. I believe that with the rise of crime and drugs on the streets, that cops should become quicker to respond.
I lived in Bellmore, NY for 18 years. There are certain aspects of the area that I liked, and certain aspects that I did not like. I liked how close we were to the beaches and any body of water, and I liked living close to friends and family. I also liked the short train ride to the beautiful NYC. However, I would not choose to live in Bellmore again if I had the chance. The people I lived around were very unfriendly and ungrateful. I currently live in Maryland and the people here are much more friendly than those of Long Island. Long Island is also becoming over crowded. Every time we visit, we are stuck in traffic no matter where we go. I believe that over time Long Island is going to become even more over crowded and a place that is not enjoyable to even travel to.
Police do a very good job, but recently there have been many robberies and break ins into cars
The demographic of this area is very select and everyone here feels very entitled. Little real world exposure to the world and struggles people face and disregard for everyone but themselves.
Recently in my town. about 35 cars were broken into and robbed through the morning. I think that the police should have been more vigilant and responded to threats of there being suspicious activity.
I love being close to the city and the beach. There is always something to do on Long Island.
You have the ocean beaches in the summer and NYC in the winter.
Plenty of parks and trails to walk or bike on.
vacant homes near the water due to storm sandy.
not a lot of crime
Lots of restaurants to choose from
NYC offers a huge amount of attractions.
plenty of places to exercise outside and at gyms.
great community. Have lived here all my life. Expensive to live here though
It's very safe in our neighborhood.
bus system doesn't run all night and weekends.
We have access to a lot of parks, beaches and NYC
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