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This is a small town with lots of potential for growth. The schools are nicely kept and area businesses are becoming popular gathering places. The town offers shopping in almost every corner. Great place to eat. I would like to see the town attract more businesses to continue developing in the right direction.
I have not had any trouble with crime.
My neighborhood is quiet and children are always playing in the streets. I like where I live.
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They live here for years
The police are doing better to find out who dose what and they do ride arounds
It's a good area to raise kids and go to school
My children love their school. I like the neighbors.
I like the summer because its a time to go out and enjoy life with your friends and family. There are days when it is a little to hot to do anything, but when that happens all it means is that it is time to break out the water guns and water balloons !!
The local police are a little slow on response time honestly.
The Wal-Marts are great they me be a bit busy, but customer service is through the roof.
There are small family businesses down Bellmead drive. Always good food and a great place to hang out!
We have a few good taco stands about 20 minutes away from where I stay. Downtown has okay bars.
It is hard to get a job here. Most places have their employees already. If you are lucky enough to get hired, you will only get to work 2 or 2 days a week. They don't give much hours.
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