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I absolutely miss living in Bellmawr, the people were kind, the roads were always plowed whenever it snowed..everything was close by..over all it was a very nice place to live.
This is a great town to buy your first home in, it's safe, it's clean and the people are fantastic! Plus it's so close to Center City Philadelphia, I'm there in under 15 min
This is a great little town with easy access to almost every major road or highway. The schools around here are about average..the people, especially my neighbors are all super friendly
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Bellmawr is a great little town. It is a very convenient location. You are only a few mins. from Philadelphia and all major highways that lead to New York, Delaware, etc.
Very white, very little diversity. The people seem quite prejudiced against anyone who is different than themselves. Drug problems are big with those prejudiced groups and their children.
I recently moved to Bellmawr from Sewell. I grew up on an acre of land and I am now located in a townhome directly next to apartments. I am unhappy with Bellmawr because there are a lot of drugs and it is very noisy. There is also a lot of littering and it is overall a city that needs to be cleaned up. I think the town has a lot of potential if effort was put into cleaning up the town.
Bellmawr used to be a thriving small town where everyone knew everyone, however now the crime rate has gone up and it doesn't feel safe to walk alone, especially at night, anymore. Most of the businesses that have closed down have just been left to crumble. The Black Horse Pike has become an eye sore full of decaying buildings and closed businesses. It is not a place I would like to raise my family in anymore, and I'm glad we moved out.
Nothing too bad happens here. Some kids do cocaine though.
It's nothing great. Nothing happes here. It's quiet.
I have rarely seen instances of crime.
The neighborhood looks good overall.

currently work for a very great company that allows PTO, employee benefits, health insurance and other great opportunities. Great salary and lenient schedule!
Club Diner

Worst diner in the area, horrible food and horrible owners. Food is disgusting and the owners are disrespectful thus creating a hostile environment.
Times Square Bagels is the best local food shop I've ever been to. Low prices, and always great service! definitely beats all the Dunkin Donuts and 7/11 stores that are run by corporations!
Directly outside of my development are rows of mom and pop businesses, bigger businesses are a car drive away. Their are Mexican themed stores and restaurants, as well as sandwich, shoe and business card shops. You cannot get everything you need in this area. The closest is a five minute drive up the highway, where the larger corporations reside.
The cost is low and a great opportunity to save and pay for my college education. But, the low rent attracts lower class members of society. I live in an area where tenants rent modular homes from a mutual housing corporation. My particular model resembles a brick row home and are the best residences in my development. Many can't afford the upkeep and decorating of their house and in turn the section suffers from poor appearances. Despite this, many in the neighborhood do care about their homes and try their best to maintain on a tight budget.
There is noticeable crime in my neighborhood and it does scare me somewhat to reside here. A new neighborhood watch has been put into effect and it gives me hope that the problems will lessen. It amount of drug activity and theft are the largest issues and I would not feel comfortable having children while residing in this residence. I plan on continuing my college education, getting a bachelor's degree in nursing and moving away from here.
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with so many stores and food places job opportunities are very likely.
their are so many fast food restaurants as well as drug stores which is convenient for anyone in the household to walk to and get what they need
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