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Bellingham is a quaint town. There is the bay on one side and a view of Baker on the other. Small shops and restaurants are easily accessible throughout the town. There are many short walk or longer hikes within easy driving distance.
It is a good place to live if you make over 90,000 dollars a year, like hiking and kayaking and artisan beers. It is not the place to have a starter home but the schools are decent. It is good for an established family.
A wonderful place to be able to live outdoors all year round. Great community for singles and families. I came to be with family and have been able to fit into the larger community. Shopping is easy. Activities for all.
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Bellingham is a nice quiet community, with luscious green trees, and a slow comforting pace. It has great outdoor experiences from hiking trails to mountain lakes, as well as nearby beaches and beautiful ocean views. The one thing that I would like to see change about Bellingham, is there is very little entertainment or places for young adults to go to spend there free time. The lack of options to interact with the rest of the community during leisure time, leads to people spending to much time in casino's and bars.
Bellingham is a family friendly, active and evolving community. It lives up to its name "City of Subdued Excitement".
I love being by the water! Cost of living isn't too bad compared to Seattle. Lots of Canadian traffic though
Beautiful landscape and many places to enjoy the outdoors and hike. Just in between Seattle and the the Canadian border, it is a perfect mix of activity and relaxation.
Bellingham is a friendly progressive town with plenty of outdoor opportunities and a community of people eager to develop relationships and deep friendships. It is a town that values green space, education and the health and well being of all of its inhabitants.
Bellingham has a very relaxed but progressive community. The town is filled with places to go, hiking trails, biking trails, fishing areas. Great place to raise kids because it is very family friendly.
Bellingham has the cleanest air in the unites states. There is something for everyone. The mountains are within reach and the town in settled on the bay. Community involvement and shopping locally drives the community, which creates a greater sense of pride in the area.
I love what bellingham has to offer. We have mountains for hiking and snowboarding and we also have lakes for swimming and kayaking. The location of being close to seattle and vancouver is amazing! great local breweries !
Bellingham is a beautiful city. It is fairly clean and safe. I love the people and culture here. I wish that the cost of living was not so high though.
Living in the city of Bellingham for going on thirteen years has opened up a plethora of opportunities. As a college town to Western Washington University, the night life and diversity is extensive. There are plenty of coffee shops around every turn and delectable, local shops and food dives that all the locals will recommend to any tourist who asks. And to those of age, the community for microbreweries have a strong buzz. On the days that it doesn't rain, which is near every day, the hikes and trails run all through the city and its surrounding parks, each with its own beautiful sights of waterfalls, the ocean with the San Juan Islands, and out to the Mount Baker wilderness. With plenty of opportunity with a friendly community, it is the "City of Subdued Excitement."
It's an intimate and relatively safe community that has a well organized volunteer base. There are quite a number of shops in the area that feed personal interests and provide opportunities for personal growth.
Bellingham is home to everyone who crosses its city lines. It's one of my favorite places to be in the whole world.
A beautiful, smaller, city nicely located on the water with stunning mountain views. Listed as one of the top retirement destinations in the US. Very nice downtown area with many different shops. Quite a variety of night life.
a town for the person who likes the outdoors. right in your backyard you will find trails for hiking, biking with streams and waterfalls. skiing close too. lakes and the bay provide all water activities. great place to live.
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Bellingham has been a great town to live in while my husband goes to school at Western Washington University. Downtown Bellingham has a lot of things to do and Fairhaven historical district is a great place to walk around and visit parks by the bay. The rent is very affordable and the surrounding trees are beautiful. There are many hikes and trails nearby and always something to participate in. Unfortunately there are a lot of homeless people around and I hope to see this get better as it can be unsafe at night.
I love Bellingham. I was born and raised here and I believe it is a great town to raise a family in. It has changed and grown a lot in 26 years, but I wouldn't change it for the world. It's accepting, eco-friendly, and beautiful. The summers here are absolutely gorgeous and it's such an outdoors town, that during the nicer months, everyone comes out and enjoys all the concerts, street fairs, farmer's markets, etc. It's such a good feeling. The air and water is clean, and it's so green. It's a beautiful area.
A medium sized city with fairly rainy weather. The community is very into outdoorsy things (hiking, skiing, rock climbing, ect.). The people are generally fairly liberal and the road system is not super complicated. A nice mix between small town feel and big city activity.
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