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It's a beautiful historic town right on the bay (about the tip of the Puget Sound) Just 45 minutes from Vancouver, BC, Bellingham has everything to offer if you're in to hip restaurants and old buildings.
Bellingham is a very welcoming city that has something for everyone. It is a comfortable place to live for students, young families, and elderly people alike. It has beautiful scenery and an interesting culture that makes it a wonderful place to live.
Bellingham is a great, young town, small town in Northwest Washington with a lot of outdoor activities nearby. Bellingham is very close to the Canadian border and about 90 minutes north of Seattle. There is a lot of places to go hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing. While there are some decent restaurants and some really good local breweries here, it lacks the nightlife and superb restaurants of the cities.
As a college student this place is great. It has everything. Outdoors and academics. The only thing I would like more of is a more academic feeling sometimes. It can be easy to neglect school because this place is so much fun.
Bellingham is a great community for nature lovers. The city of Bellingham itself has many trails, plus it is close to hundreds of other hikes nearby. It sits on the edge of Bellingham Bay and just west of the Cascade Mountains, which makes the weather ideal all year round. Bellingham has become a new hotspot in Washington. People travel here and want to stay. Bellingham is an inviting town for diverse people. Western Washington University draws in students, not only by its vast selection of studies, but also by its beautiful campus overlooking the bay. Just as any other town, Bellingham has its must see's and special places to eat, but combined with the perfect location and people, the experiences are unlike anywhere else.
Friendly college town with cute quirks to discover all the time. Lake Padden is the best park for anyone with a family, dogs or likes alone time. Walking the boardwalk is fun too.
Friendly people everywhere. Great atmosphere. I grew up in this area and love to hear people that have moved here and love it also.
Bellingham is a great little city that is an hour north of Seattle & 45 minutes south of Vancouver, BC. It's a college town, a family town great to raise kids in with good schools and a safe general area. Traffic is almost no problem, there are most retail stores and restaurants you would expect to see, lots of parks, a waterfront, tons of outdoor activities including easy access to a mountain to ski or snowboard, annual events, lots of breweries, and coffee places. The only issues are the rain, clouds and cold that loom during fall, winter, and some of spring. It isn't the most diverse place in general and as far as cultural food but it is still growing and changing. There are other colleges in Bellingham as well as a University. It's also a great place to retire. Some see it as a hidden gem. You experience every season here and about 3 months of summer per year.
Bellingham is a town filled with granola hippies who like to volunteer and protest. I love Western Washington University and it's students who inspire others to make change in the world. There are some funky homeless people in Bellingham and we could work on picking up the trash but overall it's a goodie.
Bellingham has a great young adult, modern, outdoor community! Amazing views from hikes as well as just walking through one of Bellingham's many parks. The sweet historic district of Fairhaven or the down-to-earth bustle of downtown, theres something for everyone!
Bellingham is a great college town! Wonderful for people who are into outdoor activites! There's always something going on!
There are great hiking trails around here, and it's right by the water (Bellingham Bay). Downtown has some amazing food, lots of booming small businesses like AB Crepes and Mallard's Ice cream. It's a college town with lots of activities happening.
The biodiversity here is unlike I have ever seen. This is a wonderful place where I can be safe to be myself. If there is one issue, it's that the population is pretty homogeneous and white.
Bellingham is a beautiful, livable city. It is located on Puget Sound and surrounded by mountains. If you enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking or hiking you will love it here.
This city is truly the city of Subdued Excitement! It has a vibrant culture like what Seattle has, but with less crowdedness. This city is also filled with multiple beautiful places to hike! Particularly Oyster Dome and Mt. Baker. Definitely, recommend to go to college here also because of the college town feel that it has, and you can see a lot of coffee shops around here too! There are some hiccups to it, however, downtimes can be sketchy at night sometimes, so stay safe guys. But nightlife is really nice with all the restaurants, bars, nightclubs around Bellingham.
Bellingham is beautiful, close to the mountains and the ocean. Tons of great restaurants and bars. Bellingham offers a great sense of community. The only thing I wish could be better would be more affordable rent options.
I love Bellingham! I have lived here my entire life and although I would like to move somewhere else in the future, it is only because I want to travel to new places. Bellingham is absolutely beautiful with mountains, parks, lakes, and the ocean. There are so many things to do in Bellingham in the outdoors and great options in both Downtown Bellingham and Fairhaven. The neighborhoods are also great, safe, and friendly (for the most part). Overall, Bellingham is a great city to both live, and visit.
Moving to Bellingham, Washington has been one of the best decisions of my life. I graduated from Western Washington University in Spring 2016 with a Bachelor's degree and am now continuing on to get my Master's in Speech Language Pathology at Western. I just completed my first quarter of the graduate program and I am absolutely loving it. The community of Bellingham is warm and welcoming. It is a small town with a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, it is a beautiful town with a plethora of outdoor places to explore, including Chuckanut Bay and Mount Baker!
Bellingham is a fast growing city in Washington. It is a great place for outdoor- loving people especially for biking, hiking, watersports, snow sports, and running. It is a college town close with lots of unique places to study and hang out with the college groups. It has many older buildings that contribute to the beauty of the area. It is family friendly with affordable housing and good schools. It is only 90 min from Seattle but it also has it's own airport which Alaska Airlines flies out of.
Bellingham is a perfect in between from a small town and big city. There is so much to do and beautiful scenery. Ide recommend anyone thinking about moving here to go for it and they will not be disappointed.
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