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It's a quaint and beautiful town to raise a family! Great neighborhoods, schools, and an excellent university near by!!
Strong community Friendly environment, many places to walk. There are three main lakes and trails all around them, there are many diverse places to eat and spend time the downtown environment it fun to walk around there are some places to avoid but nothing too dangerous. There a running club, ski to sea many ways to become active. Also many local brewerys
Overall it is a good place to visit and live. The nightlife environment is very minimal, but there are a lot of good breweries. There is a good variety of restaurants. The rent and cost of living is relatively high, but the scenery is beautiful.
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Born and raised in bellingham. Bellingham is an adventurous place has great places for hiking, biking, running . An adventurous city with great school and opportunities. Price of living is high no affordable rentals is the only negative.
Love Bellingham! The only issue is that there is 1 freeway, and if there is an accident it can take forever to get across town.
Bellingham Washington is a wonderful place to live if you love spending time outdoors. With access to mountains, lakes, the Puget Sound, and incredible forests surrounding the city, you can always find a place to do whatever activities inspire you. The political climate is extremely liberal, and the town lacks substantially in diversity of citizens; almost everyone is Bellingham is white. It is rare to see a person of color in the town. The community focuses strongly on providing services for those in need, maintaining an incredible food bank with its own farm, and instituting care and living spaces for the homeless population within the city. The cost of living is definitely increasing in Bellingham, and finding a house is becoming more and more difficult. If you have the chance to visit Bellingham, even for a short trip, I would absolutely recommend you come check out this unique, beautiful little city.
In the City of Subdued Excitement, there's always something to do. Bellingham is a gorgeous coastal town. Western Washington University grounds the city in progressive politics and ensures there's always good conversation to be had at local cafe's.
This little college town sits between Seattle and the Canadian border, making it an important stop in international travel. A great place to grow up and retire. If you're looking for good food and a beautiful view, go to Bellingham and its neighbor Fairhaven.
Bellingham isn't your typical college town. It has a wide variety of people and culture. Bellingham is a very liberal city and everyone is kind and down to earth. The town itself is absolutely astounding and the waterfront is beautiful, especially during the sunsets. It's a quaint, old style town and I love it.
Very nice people. Always checking to make sure everything is okay. No one is pushy or rude while in a public place.
This place is amazing, and I mean that as someone who is not born and bred in the fairytale like forest of Washington. The city is incredibly supportive of it's town folks and puts together a lot of great events! There are 3 different farmer's markets, the camping here is out of this world, the food is local, people are politically active, the nightlife is GREAT for those 21 and over, and some bars even throw some out of this world an 18+ club events. Also if your 19 and older Canada is only a 15 minute drive away, and Vancouver nightlife will blow your mind! The music in Bellingham is real funky, but if that's not your style Seattle is one hour away. Honestly one of the most fun places I have ever lived with an amazing and supportive community. There is always something to do here.
There’s something here for everyone, lively arts, entertainment, and cultural scene, the extensive parks, trails and recreation opportunities, and easy access to the mountains and the sea. We’re truly one of the best places in the nation to live, work, learn and play!
Bellingham is a beautifully located right next to the ocean in the northern part of the state. There are mountains close by, evergreen trees everywhere, and many lakes and streams. It is also home to Chuckanut drive, one of prettiest drives in America. I loved living here for as long as I did. However there is one catch that you will either love or hate. It does rain a lot, and I mean a lot. Late spring, summer and early fall are clear, but expect it to be cloudy most of the rest of the year. But if that doesn't bother you it is a wonderful place to live.
Bellingham has great local eats, lots of unique bars, and multiple outdoor activities. Bellingham's proximity to the Canadian border also makes it a very diverse community. Boulevard Park is the best park I have ever been to. You can walk along the boardwalk, bike on the trail, swim in the ocean, or hammock in the trees. If you love the outdoors and small businesses, Bellingham is the place for you.
Bellingham is a small area of about 80,000 people tucked in the northern corner of Washington state. It sits between two large metro areas, which are Seattle and Vancouver B.C. If you like the outdoors Bellingham has plenty to offer. Anything from cycling, mountaineering, rock climbing and much more will be at your finger tips. You are also graced with some of the most beautiful views in the United States. Educational options are also of plenty in this area. You have a choice from three educational institutions, such as Western Washington University, Bellingham Technical College and Whatcom Community College. If you are looking for a wonderful place to set roots in, look no further. Bellingham has much to offer for anyone.
I love how close to everything outdoors Bellingham has to offer. There is enough culture as well that you can get by without needing to live in a city. It's very laid back but has lots to offer.
I would like it if Bellingham had more of a nightlife and better restaurants.
I love that it's a great place to raise children. Your able to start over fresh because the people you meet are very friendly and nice. The school district are great and they prove many activities for the students.
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Bellingham is a growing city roughly two hours north of Seattle. It's mostly known for its collection of colleges, beer, local businesses, music scene, bike culture, and overabundance of dogs. I've lived here for a year and a half in what's considered one of the rough neighborhoods, but for a so-called 'ghetto', incidents are usually tame and uncommon. The city is environmentally conscious, and the population is very diverse.

However, the city suffers from a lack of jobs, vital for anyone trying to make it through college. To compound this, the price of housing and rent is extremely high. The homeless problem is pretty severe; there's a large number of intersections with people regularly begging for money, and the city hasn't begun addressing it properly. Also, drugs are a huge issue. I wouldn't recommend the city as a place to raise a child.

Overall, the city has wonderful culture and lovely people, but some pretty large issues keep it from becoming a truly great place to live.
When I come out to Bellingham I love the beautiful views, and walking out by the water. I like there is always something to do whether it's going for a walk, grabbing a bite to eat or trying out the night life. But what I would like to see change in is with the help with the homeless people all around and would like more oppertunities to help in getting job experience's.
Bellingham has one of the best views, being right on The Puget Sound. It has a relaxed vibe and people in the town are incredibly focused on social justice.
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