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Bellingham is a great community, is has lots of shops and is close to 495 and the commuter rail. The schools have been great for my children and I have seen the town progress a lot since I grew up in it.
It's nice and quiet. Neighbors are friendly. My three year old son attends the early childhood development school and has been excelling tremendously. They've been so helpful in identifying resources and teaching myself and my son on how to improve his speech and behavior.
My answer may be biased, but we were robbed twice within the same week and the cops did nothing about it. They showed up, told us to make an insurance claim, and left. There were fingerprints and DNA all over the house from these burglars, but our police did not see it necessary to stop them. Although, they do close to nothing, they did get a brand new, very expensive, station.
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The overall experience of this area is small and comfortable. Nothing new ever happens. It stays the same with subtle changes in politicians in our town.
Not too mush in the form of crime around here
The area that I live in is very safe. I rarely hear any police activity because there isn't a need for any. There are about 200 crimes a year in my town and most of them are no worse than theft.
I like the area because you are able to live a simple life. I also think that everything I need is within driving distance, but it would be nice if the weather was more predictable and maybe warmer in the winter time.
Bellingham Ma is a small town that doesn't have that much to do in the town but the surrendering towns next to it have a lot of general activities, Bellingham is about like 45 minutes south of the city boston and there is a lot to do in the city and around it.
everything seems to be bad in the area but, we dont usually go out to these areas or talk to any one really.
Compared to the rest of the country, suburban Massachusetts is very safe and the education is sufficient. I am lucky to have grown up in such a safe community, but it was rather boring and quite lacking in diversity. It is very easy to keep busy here but it is very difficult to feel fulfilled especially as an artist. Growing up in a town that did not value the arts made it very difficult for me to feel comfortable expressing myself. I see this area as staying pretty much the same for a long period of time.
I am very lucky to be in an area where we have decent sized homes and enough spaces between us and our neighbors to be our own unit, however close enough if someone is needed.
Although there is some crime here in town, I feel genuinely that there is crime everywhere. I am very lucky to be in a safer town with an active police force and more specifically, in a close-knit neighborhood where my family is close with many of our neighbors.
Here in Massachusetts, we get a good variety of weather, in the winter, it can get to freezing temperatures that are often appreciated on the hot summer days.
Although bars and nightlife really do not apply to me, parents and family friends are able to go out and enjoy themselves, meanwhile I do enjoy the restaurants and dishes in this area.
Although jobs are scarce in areas, it is very likely you will be able to find a job here in town due to the high volume of stores.
In the center of town, there are many popular shops, along with mom and pop shops that really give the town a 'homey' feel.
Some of the best steak comes from my town as it was featured as the best from Phantom Gourmet. There are many different food options if one chooses to go out one night.
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The local businesses in my area are very well managed. Many of them are very easily accessible and they are always welcoming.
I feel safe but occasionally I'll hear something about crime.
The cost of housing depends on where its located. If its located in the city and its nice its price is higher, if its in an odd location its primarily cheaper. The housing where i live is nice and affordable.
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