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I enjoyed growing up and living in Bellflower. I have lived in different parts of Bellflower throughout my life and have had few negative experiences. The close proximity to major cities like Long Beach and Los Angeles was another aspect of living in Bellflower that I enjoyed.
Bellflower is a city full of life and diversity. Offering many different opportunities to meet new people whether that be through high school sporting events, downtown eateries or even a local youth event at a nearby park. I have lived in Bellflower all 23 years of my life and I have no problem calling this city my home. I played little league baseball for 10 years of my life for the city of Bellflower as well as OCJAAF football for the Bellflower Broncos and in doing so I met many lifelong friends as well as learned some life sculpting lessons. The city has much to offer seeing as how it is closely surrounded by other popular cities within a 2-5 mile radius such as the peaceful cities of Lakewood and the more popular cities of Paramount and Long Beach. I recommend Bellflower for a family of any size or for a single person looking for something new.
Bellflower is a very diverse community and it has a lot of job opportunities for anyone that is looking. What I love about Bellflower is that its very family friendly and cost of living is not that expensive so, if anybody considers moving than you should consider Bellflower.
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I love my small city within the big one. People are friendly, they have nice parks for small children. They have recently added a dog park, which we enjoy. They have worked hard to make Bellflower Blvd, into a place to be on Friday nights. If you are ever in the area, you simply must stop by Fronk's restaurant for atmosphere and good food. All summer long they have concerts on Bellflower blvd free for all, and once a year they do a great car show. The Parks have plenty of programs for all age groups. There is a reason Bellflower is the "friendly" city.
Bellfower is a city with diversity. The school that my children attend is a Blue Ribon school. The real estate is within range. The city roads are operable. There are a couple of parks for my children to play in and feel safe. However, there is one park on Lakewood and Cedar that are always occupied by some homeless and other people that posses danger to our children.
I have lived here for 10 years that is basically half of my life ! The city has treated me well, never do you hear that anything crazy is happening or that someone got shot. Its very peaceful and quite nice honestly. If you and Youre family are planning to move around these areas you should ! great place for kids to grown up , nice school, and also very nice parks with after school activites !
I like the community I live in, we have a small courthouse and sheriff substation which I believe make it a bit safer, but the sheriff substation can use a bit of better customer service skills. We also have a lot of mom and pop store on Bellflower Blvd. that as just great, you can find anything from sewing classes to card trading, to martial arts. There's an awesome outdoor workout equipment and track at Simms Park which is also pretty awesome, shows that the city cares about the communities health and well-being.
Recently the city beautified the bus benches and added an "x" crosswalk at a major intersection on Bellflower Blvd but the city, more like a ton, has nothing in it. The malls, movie theaters, and good dining places are all in the surrounding cities. However, Bellflower is perfectly situated in between three major freeways so traveling is no problem
I've been in the area for 5 years now, and mostly like it. Bellflower has it's charms, but is pretty boring. It's location in proximity to the freeways is fantastic, so getting places is easy! Not far from theaters and a few major malls and many restaurants.
Bellflower is a typically quiet neighborhood. I have lived in bellflower for over 10 years and its quite safe. The surrounding cities are also very peaceful.
I like that Bellflower is surrounded by many shopping centers with many options of where to shop. I really enjoy the community events in the summer and during the holidays. I would like to see a cleaner city. I feel the city can do a better job with trash pick up around the neighborhood. Also, the nightlife for young adults can improve. Many young adults travel to other cities for their fun. How about something closer to home?
With a population of 77,593 of diverse people, Bellflower is a small suburban town that has a quaint 60's vibe that attracts people to its historical landmarks and vintage shops in the downtown area. Downtown Bellflower is a sight worth to see if you like soda shacks, shoe shining booths, a mix of both vintage and modern restaurants that give it a modern yet simplistic touch. Though Bellflower doesn't rank top in nightlife, it has more family oriented activities/venues. The cost of living isn't so bad either, with an estimated $700-$2300 cost for apartments and studios, one might find the most fitting place for their budget. From place t place the commute is very convenient with the Bellflower bus running every 15 minutes getting around is easy. I love this city it is safe, family friendly, diverse and have a handful of public schools to give an option on which to attend. It is truly a gem.
Bellflower is one of the most racially diverse cities I have ever lived in. I love that neighbors here tend to know one another and are friendly. The city has its struggles but I believe those who live here are good people fighting for a better life.
I have been working at Bellflower for 5 years and i have enjoyed the city a lot. You have many shopping centers near you and the area is always calm. I think the city is growing and its surrounding cities too.
The process was user friendly and fairly easy. I enjoyed the experience. It really drove home that I was moving forward and was looking into my Bachelor program.
A nice small city. Good people. Mostly Hispanics and Caucasians. Not very many big name stores in the city, but are close to them in nearby cities.
The general attitude in Bellflower (or at least in the part I live in) is very positive. I live near Bellflower Blvd., and they have hidden gems such as a Pirate Park behind a small Towne Center that kids would enjoy, seasonal get-togethers like the weekly free movie-nights during the past two months or so, and for "frugal" people like me, yard sales galore on the weekends! The city is well-kept and tries its best to be people-friendly, as can be seen with the scattering of many small parks for the children and walk/bike trails for the more active. Overall, having been a worker-resident here for almost 8 years, I've got to say this place has definitely got a little something for everybody.
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I believe that raising children in the city of Bellflower is a great idea because of the various community events and community classes they have available. Bellflower is a small community with charm.
Bellflower is not a wellknown big city. It is an average size city that is kind of low key, the community is great. Everyone keeps to themselves, but never fails to greet others with "good mornings" and "have a great day." Bellflower may not be perfect, but what city is?
Crime has increased recently is this area, despite the fact that crime has always been apart of this city. This city is generally safe, but at the same time one has to be very aware of their surroundings and stay cautious because crime is not unusual.
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