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Bellevue is a safe, but expensive city. A lot of the residents are older, so most of the people whom are under 30 go to Seattle for nightlife. This is really a family city, but beware certain traffic hours on the side streets.
Pretty nice city. Very safe; not a lot of crime. Might be a little too boring for people in their twenties. Mostly just another suburb. Been seeing a lot of gentrification. More conservative than Seattle (see the Eastside homeless shelter debate, classic NIMBY).
Real estate market is excellent if you're selling, but poor if you're buying. :/
Bellevue is a beautiful city full of shopping centers, restaurants, parks and trails. It is a city for all types of people. Very easy to adopt to. Everything is very easily accessible in every neighborhood.
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I think Bellevue is a great city. It is very welcoming, has a lot of great food, different art, and great parks. It is quiet, not too busy, and has a sense of safety.
The schools are good and it is safe. Also it is the perfect location; it is close to the ocean, the mountains, Seattle, and the airport.
Bellevue is a very diverse, inclusive, family friendly environment. Our neighborhood is very close net; we recently had a block party celebration for the fourth of July. The schools are fantastic and I was very pleased to have sent both my children to wonderful public schools. I have never felt unsafe in my neighborhood and I often take walks with my dog in the afternoon and greet other members of the community.
Wealthy neighborhood, very safe, great schools. Has great food options, wonderful for families with young children.
Bellevue is a safe city to live. Downtown Bellevue is a great place to visit and there are many parades and events there, but the nightlife did not seem so exciting. I would prefer Seattle's nightlife. Moreover, Bellevue should be more cycle-friendly. There are mostly cars and I barely saw cyclers or walkers.
Bellevue is a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family. It has a great public school system, close proximity to Seattle, and very friendly people.
Bellevue is clean, safe and it's really easy to get around. There are quite a couple of big companies here plus lots of businesses so I imagine it should be quite easy to get descent employment. There are a good range of affordable apartment complexes and it is really easy to get around even if you are using the metro bus system. Living in Bellevue is also nice because it is very easy to get to Seattle from Bellevue.
Great place, but homes are EXPENSIVE!! OBTW, the politics are WAY left of center. We've lived here 26 years, but it's about time to reap the profit on our home and move to the country.
Safe place to live with lots of jobs. The bad part would be the weather. It rains almost everyday. I would highly recommend since some of the biggest companies are here such as Microsoft and Amazon!
Bellevue is a beautiful city located in the greater Seattle area. Bellevue is often given the nickname of "city in a park" and this is well earned. Bellevue has some of the best public parks and gardens of any city I have ever been to. In terms of public services Bellevue is unmatched, with amazing public schools, a dedicated police department, and a plethora of youth services, Bellevue is the perfect place to live. The only pitfall people encounter in Bellevue is the housing prices, it may be difficult for lower income individuals to secure affordable living near the city center, but cheaper housing options can be found nearby, with short commute times.
It is a beautiful city with a pretty view, that's what it means in French anyways. Nice and quiet. But for a kid who's attracted to city life it can be boring. The art scene is lacking, you have to go to Seattle to find the exciting stuff. It's more conservative, so if you're a liberal you feel out of place.
Being born and raised in Bellevue, and being the first generation in the United States has been a pleasure. The opportunity and education that was given was fulfilling. The environment is very green and everyone's friendly and welcoming. The safety in the city was very comfortable for bussing at a young age and growing up and being outside at a young age was never a problem. If the northwest weather is to your liking, then this city is great for a peaceful friendly place at a price.
The thing I love most abut Bellevue is that it is a growing city but it doesn't always feel like your are deep in the heart of one. there are trees everywhere you look and plenty of trails and nature around you.
I am a High School Student at Sammamish High School. I have enjoyed going to school in the BSD. Bellevue is a very diverse comunity with people here from all walks of life.
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I grew up here. It's a nice city. There are tons of parks and things to do. The public schools are really good.
Bellevue is very safe and nice. I love how the people are welcoming. The mall is very clean and there are many stores to shop at. Bellevue has become a city that is independent and easy to remain in.
I love the City of Bellevue. It is relatively safe, although recently the number of breakins around my neighborhood has increased. I have heard that the real estate market is very tough if you're looking to buy because houses are so hot right now. The public high schools have good reputations.
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