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I have lived in Bellevue my whole life and I love it, it feels very safe here and there are a lot of things to do.
Bellevue does provide excellent public education and standard of living. However, the people of Bellevue are really only focused on their own lives and wealth, with little focus on giving back to the community or helping others who have less fortunate lives. Locals call it the "Bellevue bubble" as everyone is concerned only about matters within Bellevue.
Very safe community. Home to the upper middle class and lower high class. Downtown is beautiful and very classy. Things are pretty expensive but definitely worth it if you are looking of a safe and open community. Can be said to be the rich people neighborhood of Seattle.
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In contrast to Seattle these days, Bellevue is very clean and safe! You can walk around parks without being harrassed by the homeless population. There's tons of trails, an abundance of restaurants to try, and lots of fun things to do any time of the day.
Bellevue is the hub to many big cities around itself include Seattle. Bellevue has three highways and many local routes to commute yet the traffic time is increasing rapidly these days. This city is growing persistently over the decades and it shows no sign of stopping its growth. I love this city because of its diversity of cultures and blending the city life with nature-friendly life. Though Bellevue has many well-known restaurants, bars, and shopping malls, Bellevue has many parks, closed to two big lakes, and very easy to drive to start your own adventures in the Cascade mountains. Bellevue is one of the city you feel safe to walk around in the dark, though few neighborhoods are reporting its increasing rate of theft. Bellevue is a great city to start your family with a great school district with a high quality of education and many facilities for extra curriculums nearby.
Bellevue is an area for those who want to be surrounded by the best things in life. There is greenery all around for fresh air, local coffee shops are in abundance, there are all types of ethnic food that blend the cultures of those whom have found themselves in this friendly environment. The only real problem that I can see is that the renting market is for upper middle class families. I must admit that does not come off as a negative. For me it just limits the availability to people whom do not have the means to afford the luxury of this city. There seems to be a lot of job in the area for both collage graduates and those who did not or have not finished a university level of education. Over all everyone is friendly, the streets are clean, the air is clean, transportation is in abundance and growing, diversity is accepted and education and art seem to be a priority.
It's really safe and everything is accessible and convenient. The school district is fantastic and the schools are consistently among the top in the state rankings. The food scene is also great with many types of cuisine.
Very nice and friendly city. All the parts of bellevue are safe. Very nice, top rated education system. Modern city not to urban nor too rural. perfect size and a perfect place to live
The people are nice enough and the city is beautiful. It's pretty safe and there isn't relatively that much racism or bigotry. Very liberal and very rich.
I have lived in Bellevue for 9 months. The pros: the population is very diverse, people that live in the area are friendly and successful, and the city is very clean throughout. However, commute times can be absurd, doubling or tripling drive time, there isn't much for nightlife or social activities, and rent is overpriced due to the tech boom in nearby cities.
Bellevue is one of the most beautiful places to live, especially on Lake Sammamish. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and waking up to a gorgeous sunrise with Mt. Rainier in the background is such an amazing part of why I love it here. However, due to the tech industries, it has become very busy and obnoxious to drive on the roads.
What I love about Bellevue is the cleanliness, the community, and intuitive environment that we have filled with both young professionals and families. There are a lot of great options for both outdoor and indoor activities.
Bellevue is a safe and affluent community that is full of opportunity for all. The schools are great, the public transportation system and diversity make Bellevue an incredible community to live in
I value how accessible everything in Bellevue is. Everyone is bustling around to get to place to place there's always a bus or an Uber around. I would say there has been an increase in construction going on in the past few years. Making NE 8th area a bit hard to drive through. However, the restaurants Bellevue has is like none other. from pho-tastic Vietnamese food to basic Chic-fil-a, there is always something to eat.
Bellevue is a safe and beautiful place to live, especially for young families. The Bellevue School District is a great district with amazing educators and administrators. It is quite yet has all the perks that a large city has to offer- a wide array of stores, medical care, public transportation, and so much more. I could not recommend Bellevue more as a place to reside.
I have lived in Bellevue for my entire life and can honestly say that it is one of the safest and most sheltered places I have ever visited. Although this city is quite expensive, I would say it's an ideal place to raise a family and be surrounded by a multitude of cultures.
Lots of flowers on Spring, snow festival on Winter. quiet but nice people. There are cinema near Bellevue square. Green park around the mall. Traffic seems nor bad compare to Honolulu. I feel safer since everyone looks kind.
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Good scenery. Nice people. Good school district. Nice roads. Safe and clean. Low crime rate. A lot of traffic.
Bellevue has great schools and is family friendly. I have experienced a lot of diversity here. My children love their school and their new friends here. Commute is great, and everything is close so walking is something we tend to do when we go to the mall, movies or out to eat. There is also a pretty good night life here, great restaurants, stores, and parks for the kids.
Very nice and clean city! One can have an affordable family life here. There are a lot of grocery shops, shopping malls, and restaurants.
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