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Born and raised in Bellevue. Going through life virtually protected from anything. It was a great place to grow and learn. Formed many childhood bonds that will never break. Memories that will only fade if i get alzheimer's or dementia. When I went to college each time i got back it seemed to change a little here a little there, but overall it has not changed. Only the perceptions of people have changed. A lot of them point to the latest heroin epidemic and claim its no longer a great place to live. It is true that heroin has become an epidemic, not just in Bellevue, but Ohio as a whole. However, I still think its a great place to live and grow. I'm sure while all these overdoses are happening, the FBI and the DEA are doing their jobs getting to the root of the supply chain, but in the meantime it feels a bit like the problem is largely being ignored with half-measures like narcan.
Drug rates seem to be rising quickly.
The education system here could be much stronger.
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The roads are easy to navigate and are usually clear.
The people are nice and keep to themselves, I would live here again if they had more career opportunities.
Bellevue, like most of Ohio, has temperamental weather, but It doesn't get to extreme normally
While the restaurants are either "mom-and-pop" or chain fast food they offer many options, some of the restaurants are very good!!
There are mostly retail and factory workers in Bellevue, there are few professional job opportunities.
In Bellevue there are many "mom-and-pop" stores, and well as restaurants, which are amazing but sometimes not great for a nice dinner out.
Small town, no buses or taxis, okay parking depends where at.
It's boring, there's nothing to do. But there's not much crime.
There is absolutely nothing to do except for Cedar Point... 20 minutes away.
Lack of crime, but the police force is the worst..
There's an equal distribution of the four seasons. It's fantastic.
Lots of many little niche restaurants that are good. But it's all pizza.
Jobs flee from this area. The commerce is sub-par.
They're acceptable, but nothing to freak out over. Everything is very average.
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I really don't pay much attention to any of this..
A lot of drugs going around and there are a lot of accounts of school kids stealing things from the gas stations.
There are lot's of snowstorms in the winter. Flooding is the worst because it seems all roads like to flood.
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