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Quiet place to live if you like the country fields. People are friendly as well. The roads are not as busy to what you see in the city which is nice so not many accidents on the roads in the village of Bellevue.
Crime rates are lower than what we see in the bigger cities in the midwest. It's not low like in small towns, but because the population is over 100,000, there is a possibility of crime. Green Bay does not have murders on a daily basis, which is like other big cities, so overall it's pretty nice to live here and feel safe.
Living in Green Bay is similar to the small town atmosphere that my parents and grandparents grew up in, but with the amenities of a larger city. The museums, libraries, restaurants and shopping areas are all reminiscent of a big city, but with the small town feel.
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Every once in a while you will see someone getting into trouble with the police but the people I'm around most of the time don't get into trouble.
The area has a lot of services people can use such as grocery stores, gas stations, schools, and parks.
The crime seems to be kept under control.
It's a good area to live in. Businesses are good.
The quality of housing in this area is high. There are some small communities throughout that are obvious that they need to be taken care of more. But overall, the value of the house in comparison to how much people are paying is exceptional. The only thing that is less than average would be the cost of utilities. I know in the winters the heat bill is normally very harsh, and the summers include a high cost for A/C.
The Packers bring everyone together as a community. Alongside that, the neighbors are always friendly and there are large enough parks to have families come with their dogs. The community is overall family friendly and welcoming, despite the high number of bars in the area to cater to the Packer tourists.
I don't believe there is any true problems with our police force in the area. There always seems to be a presence of police in the area and there are normal amounts of crime. Random acts that happen in any community in my opinion. I have never felt unsafe in any area around me.
I love the city of Green Bay. With an abundance of parks and recreational areas, to the stoic historic venue of it's towns legacy of the Green Bay Packers, there is always something to see and do here!! With 4 undergraduate campuses, and one of the leading Catholic private colleges in the nation, Green Bay is the choice for any up and comer of any age or walk of life.
I never use public transportation
There is not much to do
Snow is the worst part
Not a lot of late night options
There aren't a lot of thing here but it's definitely a beautiful place to walk around and visit.
You don't really hear a lot of crimes happening here.
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There aren't that much disaster here. Just the cold winter storms, but I like it here.
Restaurants are okay here. They know what their doing.
You can't really find any job opportunities here.
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