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Belleville is a safe place to live with a low crime rate. The educational system is starting to improve. Belleville is a growing community that is very diverse. Belleville surrounds the largest all sports lake in Wayne county Michigan. At this time it still has a small town atmosphere with larger city amenities.
The area is nice with plenty to do close by. There are some parts that could be improved but overall it is an affordable and comfortable place to live.
So far I've met amazing people, the area is super welcoming and nice. It's easy to get around. The high school I attended was really close by and it is fairly new. I now go to college at Eastern Michigan University and it is a 20 minute commute from Belleville, the drive is very easy. There are many subdivisions close to one another so it was easy to make friends. Overall I enjoy living in belleville.
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I like Belleville because even though its a small town it has a lot of things to do. Belleville has 2 large grocery stores with a 3rd one being built. It is home Michigan's Lower Huron metro park that has picnic areas, bike trails, water park, fishing, golfing and much more. The location is also nice because it is close to the freeway and less than 20 minutes away from the airport.
The most amazing thing about living in Belleville is that we have our own little lake. It's called Belleville lake, we always go out on the water in the summer time. It's perfect for the Belleville community because we don't have to drive far to enjoy ourselves out on a lake in the summer time. I recommend anyone to come and enjoy the lake, you won't be disappointed. There are also restaurants off of the water, we park our boat in their docks, grab a bite to eat and then return to the water for more fun. It's an amazing city and I love living here.
I like the fact that it's peace and quiet in my neighborhood. The neighbors are respectable and the area is nice and clean. I feel safe at any day or time. I think Belleville could open up more shopping centers and more restaurants. I attended high school in Belleville and the school was great the curriculum was strong and knowledgeable.
I love the city of Belleville, MI. We live in this city and would love to purchase a house in this city in the future. This community has so many great events that we love attending. My son attends daycare full time here and I feel the high standards are met there to prepare my child to go into kindergarten when that time comes. If there is a downfall here it is that there are not many houses for rent or for sale in this area. Real estate has gone up a lot over the past 10 years and the cost of living in general for apartments/housing is very high compared to some of the outlying cities. I love this area because I feel safe here and I feel the community in general is very family friendly.
There are very few major crime issues that have happened in the 21 years I've been alive.
I've spent my entire life here, and of the places I've visited, none have made me want to live anywhere but here.
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