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Belleville Township Reviews

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I like the people and the diversity of Belleville. There are some parts are aren't too safe to go to, but still a nice town to live in. The public school system could be better, but I like the other classmates I see everyday. Also, if I were to change at least one thing, I would change the public school transportation policy so that everyone in Belleville can get a bus ride.
The people are okay as long as you know a lot of families. The schools are not great and you have to know someone in order to get into sports. For a young couple, it's cheap and not bad but for a family, look elsewhere.
Belleville is very ethnically diverse and a family-oriented town. Public transportation is very accessible.
overall, i love to live here. despite the fact that the public school systems are on the lower end and the cost of rentals in the area are a bit much for what it is. but everything else is close by such as places to eat, supermarkets, shopping, etc.
I love the website. Very easy to use and its easy to understand. Also has do information a lot of scholarships for everyone to apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a current High School student at Belleville. It is a very quiet town with many diverse residents. I can safely say that there are residents with various races and there is never a time when I get a feeling of discrimination. Belleville is very tame as far as violent activities go and there is rarely any events of crime happening in the area. The town is family friendly as well. I live near our local park and there is always something eventful going on that is fun for everyone. Most Belleville's issues revolve around the schools. I believe that the schools should be provided with cleaner water fountains and restroom facilitites.
belleville is a small town and we come together for special occasions like just a party or veterans day parade. however there are a lot of sexual predators in our town.
i like that belleville is known for the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Branch Brook Park. i dislike that there are parts of belleville that are known to be worse than others because it makes less people want to live there.
Beautiful town, clean and convenient location easy routes to NYC and newark public school have good programs
I have honestly never heard of crime in this neigborhood. I used to live 2 blocks away before I moved to this adress and have never felt safer. I walk my dog late at night without any concerns. The police is very responsive. I have had to call them twice- once for a rabid racoon in the middle of the day and another because my mother got lost and both times they came to my house within 3 minutes of the call.
I really like this area. It's clean and safe, which are the two most important things to me. Other than that, I really like that I can find shops, gyms, banks and restaurants within a short walk. There's also a huge hospital about a mile away, which is a plus.
The houses could be cheaper. There are some abandoned properties that have been the same for a long time. It takes a few years until something new comes up. Worst area is silver lake, right next to Newark.
We usually have community events, for example marathons, parties, festivities, and many school events open to friends and family in the community. Only some people tend to stay for a certain amount of period then move out. I would say the neighborhood is pet friendly.
I see police at the corner of streets most of the time, they're usually alert. There's a police station on the main street, easier access when calling for help. I don't hear about crimes a lot from our town, usually hear it from nearby towns or cities.
Lately there has not been any crime. If there is, it usually happens in the other towns nearby, but not in the actual town. (That I am aware of).
A small town, but it is nice and friendly. Also, it is surrounded by other towns that also offer nice places to go to.
Nutley border is preferable over North Newark
Intermingling of various cultures and generations.
Compared to the towns around us, it's better.
It's not a bad place to live in, it suffices.
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