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Belleville is a city in southern Illinois, located about 20 miles east of St. Louis. This area has a nominally diverse array of cultures and people. The highlights of Belleville include the downtown area, Eckert's farm and restaurant, and Lindenwood University, The downtown area is often filled with life as the chosen location for nationally recognized arts events and award-winning local and social activities. There is always something to do.
Belleville is a huge suburb. It has everything you need without traveling a long distance. I enjoy living here.
Living in Belleville is pretty diverse with decent schools and it is relatively safe. It is a growing area, with new subdivisions being built and constant improvement is being made to their school system. Belleville is making strides for the future, but has a long way to go.
Belleville, IL is actively renovating their downtown area with new buildings, businesses, and a plethora of activities. It's a quiet, quaint town just minutes from St. Louis.
The city of Belleville has a lot of festivals downtown that residents volunteer to help with and get involved in. The festivals also bring in many people from around the surrounding areas. The public service departments are very helpful and sufficient in their duties, they also keep the community safe.
There is crime present occasionally in this area. The police do help often with crime and most crime isn't too bad or frequent.
I would definitely live in this area again because I enjoyed the schools and people. Some residents say that the area is going downhill which could be possible, but as of now, I really enjoyed it.
Police are quick to respond.
Lots of things to do in this neighborhood.
Within the campus community there are public safety officers on duty during campus operational hours, and if requested they will be happy to escort individuals out to their vehicles or to their dormitories if they require additional safety measures. The local police department is prompt about providing students alerts and giving tips on how to be aware as well as avoid unwanted criminal activities as situations. Therefore, I feel rather safe travelling in and around the Belleville community
The crime isn't horrible, but it could be better, the last two job I've had have gotten robbed.
People drive kind of crazy, there's some crime here and there, overall it's not horrible.
I live in a neighborhood that is very safe with little crime.
I would love to live to live close but not in Belleville.
There is frequent crime bulletins about break-ins in the area and there have also been two reports or secure assault. The housing within the area is very old and a lot of the houses are outdated and require renovations and new shingles. The school is slowly enrolling more students, but is also taking over some of the residential housing that are viable options for potential taxpayers in the community. Business in the area is slowly inreasing witin the introduction of two new restaurants in the community the year. Overall, the community is not in the greatest shape, but I believe it is taking strides in the right direction.
Its a lower income area but not the lowest compared to surrounding cities. Its not a bad area, schools are decent and there are many food and shopping options. Very few independent businesses.
The city was named a top best cities in the past five years so i believe that reflects what the city is like
Its average but really pretty because of the woods
It's very quite where I live, it's very open everyone in the neighborhood very nice .
I believe this area is only okay because of circumstances beyond our power. There is very complicated weather in the Saint Louis Area, and the crime in St. Louis has recently been a huge topic all around the country. However, I mostly like it because of the school I am attending (Saint Louis University) and the people I have met. Although it is expensive to live around here, I have overall enjoyed my years in Saint Louis.
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