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I would like to see more activities going on and less traffic. I like how everybody can come together and be positive and help uplift the younger children.
Belleville is a great town to raise a family. I am born and raised here
The people are friendly and theirs plenty to do.
What I liked about Belleville is that the area is friendly, nice, and quant in it own way. You can commute to Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Shiloh, and Swansea in a blink of an eye. We're also a jump away from Scott AFB that is a part of our community. The surrounding communities have a variety of monthly events and activities that you are never bored. It's a Nice Place to live and raise a family.
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I like how there are many parks to hangout and for walks and jogs. The only downside of this town is that there are not many good restaurants and bars. We usually go to the neighboring towns or downtown St. Louis for dinner on weekends.
Some things I really liked about the city of Belleville are the events avalible to the public. From Spring to Fall, there is always something to do. One of my favorites is the Chili Cook off held in the fall. I also enjoy all the restraunts located downtown.
It' an average suburb like any other suburb. There isn't anything majorly special about the city. It is a busy place surrounded by other suburbs with a good amount of stores and shops to visit as well as a nice sized mall. It is about 25 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis.
Great family environment. Overall commute time to a variety of locations is very convenient making shopping a memorable experience. Many dining opportunities are available.
I really enjoy downtown Belleville each time I am there. From Oktoberfest, the Christmas Market, to just enjoying a meal or movie on Main Street, Belleville is a beautiful town to enjoy with friends and family!
Very diverse and great place to raise kids. Great public schools and the administration shows concern for the children.
I have lived here my whole life and I love it. It has the small town feel but it is still big enough and close enough to a major city.
A nice area until all the shootings have started. Not really a town with a lot of things family things to do besides The Edge which is nicely remodeled.

A quiet town though
Decent neighborhood and military friendly. I am currently stationed here at Scott AFB. Originally from California so compared to my hometown it is a little less diverse and less things to do, but still enjoyable.
I grew up id Belleville and it ha gone down hill. The area is crime filled! However, the town is trying to clean up the streets.
It's an alright suburban city. Not as dangerous as some surrounding places, and pretty clean and funded. Close enough to St. Louis for me to grocery shop if I want something specific, but I can also easily go apple-picking at the edge of town. Not perfect, but what place is?
I live in Belleville and it is a great place to live. There are many different community events to go to. Many different shops in close proximity, makes it easy on families.
Belleville is okay for family but overall the cost of living for single parents are high. The commute to outside cities and facilities is great. The parks for children to play are nice.
I've been in the area for about an average of 7 months and I can't complain. I never grew up in a big city. I feel safe and it has all I need. Very much like home!
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Belleville is a city in southern Illinois, located about 20 miles east of St. Louis. This area has a nominally diverse array of cultures and people. The highlights of Belleville include the downtown area, Eckert's farm and restaurant, and Lindenwood University, The downtown area is often filled with life as the chosen location for nationally recognized arts events and award-winning local and social activities. There is always something to do.
Belleville is a huge suburb. It has everything you need without traveling a long distance. I enjoy living here.
Living in Belleville is pretty diverse with decent schools and it is relatively safe. It is a growing area, with new subdivisions being built and constant improvement is being made to their school system. Belleville is making strides for the future, but has a long way to go.
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