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Belleview has some nice trees. The elevation is high, a major point in an area that experiences a lot of storms and hurricanes. Although it does not have four true seasons, one could consider it an area with three seasons.
Belleview is a small town south of Ocala, Fl. There are lots of mom and pop restuarants and stores. There are also several parks for children. There are weekly gatherings at city Hall that are kid friendly with great entertainment. I love living in Belleview. The only thing I would change is all the chain restuarants moving in.
Belleview is a nice small town with little to do. The city is very safe crime is minimal at best with most crimes being of lower severity. I would love to see more restaurant variety here aside from the mundane fast food.
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Belleview is a small town in Central Florida. It has come a long way with infrastructure and development. It is a safe community and offers a lot of amenities and places for people of all ages. I would however like to see more people getting involved with the town. We currently do not have a lot of events or programs for the town to join, such as fairs or festivals, fresh markets or ways for the towns people to mingle.
Belleview is a small town with not much to do. It is improving though, there are many businesses opening up now and the schools are good too.
I have grown up in this small, quaint town. There's a variety of restaurants that you could grab a bite at any time of day; Pasta Faire, Belleview Pizza, Domino's, Hardee's etc. Although there isn't that much to do, there is a subtle homely vibe to the town. The community is one. You cannot go to the grocery store without knowing someone. It is also a safe neighborhood, one that is good to raise kids in. It's near Ocala and the Villages, where fun things are conveniently located. It is also in the middle of Florida and is less than two hours from the beach, to go fishing, a water park, a theme park, or even a museum. It's overall a great town.
I would like for the town to have more job opportunity for young adults. Students that come home for the holidays can pick up a seasonal for so that they can have a decent amount of money for when they enroll back into school.
It's a very small town with not much to do. The closest town is Ocala, which does not have much to do. There are gas stations and banks on every corner, and some of the beliefs of the people are highly conservative. However, with a population of about 5000, it has the small town charm that comes with the south. It always feels like home whenever I return on weekends from college. The flea market is large and you can find just about everything you could want there, from honey to potentially illegal brass knuckles. We recently got a Zaxby's, Dunkin Donuts, and Popeye's, which are big advancements for us. It's a town that's really trying, and it seems to be having some sort of success.
Belleview is a small town in Marion County. It's your average Southern town with a very active Chamber of Commerce always hosting events at City Hall. If it's Southern Hospitality you're looking for this is the place.
Growing up in the city this is a nice little and quiet town. Theirs not much for night life in this place but overall people are typically frindley.
I love the small town of Belleview, everyone knows each other. Store owners make sure you get the best service possible. Crime rate is super low, with vandalism being the most common crime, violent crimes are non existent. The schools are pretty diverse with all races and colors mixing and mingling. Racism is not something we like to see or tolerate.
I am not aware of much crime, but it does happen
I see more poverty in the future less cleanliness
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