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I have lived in Bellefonte for about 4 years now. I think it's a great place to live and have a family. It is a wonderful country home town with a city feel! They have an amazing park called Talleyrand. Kids can feed the ducks or just have a nice stroll! There are little shops that are really amazing to go through. I am so happy I live here and I wouldn't move anywhere else!
A nice town with a variety of people. It is however, very small and quiet, and rarely has much going on.
Bellefonte is a very family friendly neighborhood. Over all crime is very low and its a place you can walk around and feel safe.
Bellefonte is a quiet town that doesn't see a lot of things going on. During the summer though there are a lot of things like the arts and crafts festival, a kids fair, a parade, and a car cruise. It's very historical but very welcoming.
This town has low crime rates and people feel safe living in this area. I don't see cops that often but that has to do with no calls or reports for them to respond to. The cops do drive randomly through neighborhoods to make sure the neighborhood is safe and make sure they don't see anyone in the act of committing a crime. If there is a crime and you call the cops to report what's happening they are very fast to respond and arrive at the place where call came from very quickly.
The one thing that I dislike is all the register sex offenders in this town and feel that there are to many near the schools. Also I don't care that it's a commonwealth State. I would prefer that the justice system could change because once they get you in the system it's very hard to get out. One thing I love about this town is the atmosphere besides sex offenders I feel it's a safe place and don't have to fear any violence towards me when I leave my house unlike living in a city. If I would have a chance to do it over I would definitely choose living here because of low crime rates when it comes to violence and killings. I feel safe here and I would choose this town to raise my children here when I decide to have a family in my near future. I'm hoping in the future but see this also happening in the future that more buildings,businesses, and more restaurants will happen someday soon. This will open up opportunities for more jobs that is much needed and bring in new families to reside in this small town. I would like to show awareness to people who don't live here in this area that I would recommend this town a safe area and a great place to raise children bye to low crime rates.
Police are visible and there are very few instances of crime by long term residents. Older buildings within town have burned down in the past few years either due to an electrical failure or accidents.
This town is set up so that neighbors meet and talk to neighbors. There is a friendly atmosphere and most residents are involved in the community. The smaller school district also allows for students to naturally be recognized individually instead of being lumped together with other large groups of students. I would definitely like to live here again as I can easily see the town growing into a more bustling area.
Bellefonte is a very quaint town where one can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, but can also drive 20 minutes to State College any time they want to be more involved and entertained.
People come here for Penn State. Sports events are a big attraction, walking around on campus and downtown are fun, and there are beautiful country areas and some wilderness attractions in the surrounding areas.
Spring and summmer are nice, and fall is incredibly beautiful, but beware of the long, severly cold winters here. It seems like they're never going to end and this past year went below zero for almost the whole month of February.
While I don't participate in the drinking and clubbing scene here, Penn State is known for being a party school, so I would assume others would rate it well in that sphere. There are more restaurants here than most students could probably reasonably go to during there stay at the university, so there's no shortage of good places to take a date.
For those looking to work for a large corporation, State College is not the right place to be, generally speaking. However, there are plenty of jobs through Penn State as well as quite a few options for different serves which support the college students, professors, and other local residents.
State College is a college town in the middle of rural Pennsylvania and, as such, contains a concentration of basically any type of restaurant or store you could need. It has most of the popular chain stores, but there are also old buildings with small, family-run businesses and local stores that have been around for years. It makes for a fun, small town feel while still not lacking in the realm of goods and services.
There are plenty of local businesses in this area. In fact, you can find anything you might need within 15 minutes of the center of Bellefonte. Some of the more noteworthy local Businesses include Weis, Dollar General, Black Walnut Auto Body Shop, LMR, Triangle Building Supply, the Bellefonte Wok (Chinese), Jim's Italian, Home Delivery (Pizza), and the Hofbrau
There are plenty of job opportunities for those who are willing to work. Because Bellefonte is such a small town there obviously aren't the same opportunities that might be available in say Philly; however, most of the people who live here make out fairly well. Bellefonte is also within commuting distance of several colleges (Penn State, Lock Haven, and South Hills Business School) and a vocational school.
Bellefonte is a very safe place to live. There are parking lots and spaces available around every corner. I walk everywhere because it is convenient.
The people are extremely friendly. The community in general is very pet and family friendly. Most people live here their whole lives.
There are a few local bars that have live music almost every night. The local restaurants have very friendly owners and great food. There are fast food joints around as well.
While the houses are close together, the yards are large behind and in front of the house. The houses are beautiful and nicely sized. People take care of their properties and there are very little abandoned properties.
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