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My experience with this area has been fine. I've lived here my whole life and have never had any problems really. I would live here again if I could do it all over because where I have lived has made me who I am. Compared to everywhere else in the country I feel like where I live is pretty average. What I see in the future for this area is greatness and a better city. I am positive so I only hope for the best.
There is a great variety of stores. The most popular are Wal-Mart, Aldis, Home Depot, Kmart, Kohl's, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. Most of the time I can get everything I need in this area.
Top employers/companies: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St Louis University, Boeing (aircraft manufacturing), and Washington University.

Overall job outlook for St Louis, careers with the best outlook: R. Nurses, Sales Reps., Carpenters, Accountants, First Line Supervisors, Truck Drivers, Electricians, Insurance Sale Agents, Automotive Serv. Tech.& Mechanics, and Elementary Teachers.

Most people make a living working in service, manufacturing, trade, transportation of goods, and tourism.
Review Bellefontaine Neighbors
I see plenty of citizen doing and hearing about the way their health is bad and how they don't care of themselves
Seem as though the president isn't able to do his job due to lack of gov't support.
It seem police officers only come around after a huge incident occurs.
People in the community tend to live here for long periods of time.
The overall area is okay, however if given the opportunity I would live in a different section of town
I live in a house where they are woods in the back. I occasionally will see a wildlife animal such as a "coyote" or deer. This past summer my Mom found a baby black snake along the side of the house.
I currently do not work, however jobs will accept applications but are on a hiring freeze in most companies
There is a sense of community, most people look out for one another.
Most of the food around is typicaly unhealthy because their is an abundance of fast food.
There really isn't much scenery or convenience of outdoor activities.
In my opinion it's okay because I'muse to navigating around the neighborhood, but for those who are not they would have hard time because there aren't really any sidewalks and parking is definitely hard to find in such a small neighborhood.
There honestly aren't many businesses around, the biggest store is the grocery store, but other than that the best thing are our variety of gas stations or fast food chains.
The houses are very affordable, but they do not sell because of the ailing education in the area. The houses in Bellefontaine are typically very small. The best area to reside in would be closest to the community center, while the worst area is the Lilac area.
It is almost impossible to find employment because place are either closing due to lack of funding, unable to afford workers, or jobs are gone due to critical need of employment.
Review Bellefontaine Neighbors
They tend to be more financial stable, but the same.
There are no attractions to see in the Bellefontaine area unless you go ten minutes away to Spanish lake park for walking and the lake. There is nothing really held in the neighborhood and most people only visit the area if the know people in Bellefontaine.
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