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Through the past eighteen year of my life while living in Bellefontaine I have had lots of great experiences that I hope will help me in the future life goals.
I have lived most of my life in Bellefontaine, Ohio. As my home town it has its perks and its down falls. Bellefontaine has a small town feel with big dreams. Our community likes the idea of coming together, almost like what you see in a small town movie, but is rather set in its ways. My experience in Bellefontaine has been great. I have friends, family, and my favorite restaurant knows me very well; only I would like to see our community grow. We are not as excepting of people for who they are or very supportive of those in need. One day I hope that our community would come more together then tear each other apart.
What I like about the town of Bellefontaine is the hometown feel it gives to people. This town has a wide variety of small businesses with great potential along with an appropriate amount of larger options. There are multiple schools in the town's vicinity, which means there is a decent population of students. The town is decently diverse in many ways and can be very open. Some things that need to change are the roads and potholes that never seem to get filled.
Been here since I was born. Although there were some crimes committed, It overall was a pleasant place to grow up.
Bellefontaine is a small town west of Columbus, Oh. It has a small town feel, everyone is close nit. People are very friendly and willing to offer a helping hand. I remember as a child for a fun night we would go on a country cruse, or hang out in a local business parking lot. That is what our Saturday nights consisted of.
I'm from Florida and moving to Ohio was difficult to say the least, but coming to this beautiful small town with gorgeous town square has made me feel right at home. I bought a home here for my family to lay down roots and I feel I've made an excellent choice. My children love this town and our huge backyard in which they ride a four wheeler, dirt bike and a tire swing. Everything is very close, shopping, eating and the hospital helipad is right behind my backyard which is a minute from my house which is also reassuring to know. It's a great place to raise a family and to live!
Bellefontaine is a beautiful town with a lovely square and a gorgeous clock newly remodeled right downtown. They have an actual brick street well preserved and lovely shops and little boutiques that you can only experience in small towns. I'm new to the area, I have been a resident for two years now and I enjoy raising my beautiful children here!
Bellefontaine is totally reliant on one major auto manufacture. if is should ever fold the town would collapse. other then that, this town isn't too bad. i grew up here. wasn't much to do for the kids. town could defiantly use more things to do as a family and less restaurants.
I love the family atmosphere at local own businesses, but the drug problem needs to be cracked down on.
I feel safe within my neighborhood. However, anyone is capable of doing something bad. Lately, I've been seeing more and more crime, mainly drug related. The cops are taking it very seriously though, and you see more and more people being caught. Which is good because it prevents people from overdosing and possible injuries. One thing I like about living in this area is I go to the Presbyterian Church, and I get to see those cops singing in the choir, and helping the church when needed.
Living in Bellefontaine is great. The town isn't too small, and it's close to bigger populated areas like Columbus if you're looking for new things to try. It has some character to it as people go towards the downtown area. It also seems like we're getting some great new restaurants/food places like Hot Heads Burrito and Sweets and Creamery ( my new favorite). I see the town only getting better with newer places with still having that small town feel.
There isn't much danger and violence, but there is a lot of drug abuse.
The area has very few entertainment options for students and people who are underage.
It is a small town with not much to do, but it is a generally nice area
There are a lot of beautiful parks in this area, along with walking trails.
The main transportation in this area is cars and/or walking.
The major crime is this area is a drug problem, not very much violence.
The weather in this area is typical Ohio weather- one day it will be in the 70s, the next day it will drop to the 40s.
There are many different restaurants in this area, from chain restaurants to family-owned ones.
Most people in this area work in a factory setting or in retail.
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