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Every town has issue with crimes. Our town seems to have more drug related crimes than anything else. This has been an issue for a very long time. That being said, I do not and have not felt unsafe walking the streets or hanging out in the city parks. Little Falls does have a Drug Task Force Team and as I mentioned before there are police monitoring/patroling the town and they respond to public issues in a reasonable amount of time.
Little Falls is a nice and fairly safe community to live and grow up in. However, the lack of activities(other than community sports) for children and teens is an ongoing issue. We always have to travel to other towns for good restaurants and entertainment. I think putting monies towards updating our movie theatre and perhaps a community center would improve this area immensely.
I have always felt safe in my hometown. It is rare that we hear of anything other than drugs. Our community sadly has some drug issues, but I have never heard of a specific case in which I have felt threatened.
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I'm.ove my community. There have been some scary times here in the last few years, but it hasn't changed the outlook in our community. We love being in the Mississippi River, amd enjoy the layout of the land. It is great walking in the street having others say hello from all over town.
I like Little Falls its not too big and crowded, its close enough to bigger towns that have more options for malls and restaurants. The people here are generally nice but we do have some drug problems which doesnt seem to make me feel safe. I do live five minutes out of town so the country is nice.
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