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There are some really good areas with nice houses, and then there are some poorer areas.
People tend to live in this area for a long time. We would get new students, but current students hardly moved away. Our community supports each other 100%. We come together in time of need and do fundraisers to help out.
I have lived in this area for my entire life and have never had anything bad happen to me, my family or my friends. I have heard of someone stealing a four wheeler or bike, but our community is so small that it is always solved and the property is returned.
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It's a small town and there is not a lot to do.
The Kansas weather changes a lot and when snow comes most of the time people aren't prepared.
Taxes are high but the county takes good care of the area.
New businesses have allowed more people to move for job openings.
Lots of farmland and small cities around the living area.
People in the living area walk and run around the neighborhood quite often and don't abuse alcohol or drugs. Just a drink every once in a while.
Not a whole lot of issues to speak of. Everybody out here pays attention to what is going on for the most part.
The closest city to eat is Mulvane besides one burger shack in Peck
It is average out here.
There are mainly farms around where we live. Which in most cases the jobs are already taken by experienced farm hands that have grown up working on farms.
The only crime out here is people trying to steal which has only happened once since we moved here
The housing area of which I live in is fantastic every home has plenty of room for the occupants of the homes
The people along with the school district of USD263 do a very good job of recycling.
We live about 5 miles out of Mulvane, Kansas. The main thing Mulvane is known for is the Casino opened up out by the turnpike. Old Settlers is another attraction that Mulvane holds once a year to celebrate the founding of the city.
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