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The Belle Glade living situation is somewhat "average". The public schools are very good as they set out to achieve academic success. Belle Glade is also very diverse as there is a good amount of people of every race in the town. The cost of living in Belle Glade is also good as the cost of many valuables and necessities are cheap compared to surrounding towns and cities. However, the safety and nightlife is not as good, as many dangerous situations have risen. Although, the safety and nightlife is also improving as the administration set out to improve the areas.
Belle Glade is a city where you have to earn and work hard to get something out of your life. Graduating and doing something positive with your life means you overcame the negativity of the city.
It's a small town it's filled with a lot of people who have great potential but it goes unnoticed because of all the crime in this lil town. It also doesn't really have much jobs here and it's hard to become someone successful here that's why people decide to go back to school hoping they can find a way to make it out.
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Belle Glade is a nice place to be. It is a small town where everyone is close to each other. Like any other town or city, it has its down falls that need some rebuilding. It has much history behind it.
Belle Glade is a rural town with an abundance of agriculture. Everyone knows everyone in this close-knit community.
Living in the Belle Glade community has definitely been a challenge. This is a community where lessons are taught, from figuring out who is your best friend, to who you are as a person and what your destined to be later on in life. The things I would like to change about the Belle Glade community is to add more job opportunites for young adults and add positive areas of activities where young adults can involve themselves in. For instincts,a museum, or even a strip mall where teenagers can socialize, a bowing alley or possibly a skating rank for different skate crews can show off their great moves. I wold fill Belle Glade with greatness and better opportunites for people of all ages to thrive and strive for greatness.
Well growing up in Belle Glade wasn't as bad as people make it. Yes its an small town where everyone basically knows everyone. Its more like we family than just neighbor. We try to look out for each other when one is down or falling short in an area. I really enjoy living in Belle Glade its home nomore what. What i would change about Belle Glade is the violets and have more activities that the kids can get into.
Growing up in the town help me to know everyone. It is a very friendly place to live and to raise a family. There are some crime problem but not so bad.
I do a lot of experience in Belle Glade ,specially with my school I do community service hours almost every Saturday by cleaning some places and more other stuff. I like being living in Belle Glade, cause that's my hometown most of my family and friends are living there.
Belle Glade ranks the top 20 most violent cities
No safe places for college students to have fun.
The police are well respected in the area, for the most part. Most crime takes place in certain areas of the town just as in most cities.
Maybe if it weren't for the high poverty level, this community would be a nice area to raise a family. The local churches are very involved and supportive. The schools are small and local community events are sure to bring the whole town together.
The crime rate is at a normal rate, but I believe that the crime and violence can be better than what it is.
The land soil is very great about the area, also this area is a great place for travel and tourism.
Belle Glade is a small town where there is not much future because of the small population. it seems as every year more and more people move towards cities looking for more job opportunities. overall the best thing may be the people.
Belle Glade is a small town, with plenty of people. There's many things going on in this town, for examples, not so long ago there was a shooting. Also, they just open a new café. Good and bad things happen around here.
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this town is full of crime and it need change.
This area is not the best. The schools are mostly average or below average, the people are average or struggling, the businesses are few and in between. This area may not sound like much, but I would still choose to live here if I had that choice. This area is very mediocre, but this area is still my home.
It's not so bad but there is very little opportunities to make a name for yourself. There are resources available to make a better future for yourself you just have to use them to their full extent and take advantage of them.
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